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Non-Communicable Diseases Lifestyle/Chronic Review Game.

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1 Non-Communicable Diseases Lifestyle/Chronic Review Game

2 These diseases are caused by lifestyle choices, genetics &/or environment  CommunicableCholesterol  Lifestyle Angioplasty

3  Lifestyle Diseases

4 Any disease of the heart muscle or other working parts of the heart Heart DiseaseCancer Cardiovascular Metastasis Disease

5  Heart Disease

6 Is a blood vessel that carries blood to the heart muscle VeinsCapillaries CoronaryStent

7  Veins

8 This is a term for hardened deposits of fat BenignPlaque MalignantTarter

9  Plaque

10 A disease of the heart and blood vessels Heart DiseaseCancer Cardiovascular DiseaseHeart Attack

11  Cardiovascular Disease

12 The medical term for a heart attack CancerStroke Myocardial Myocardial InfarctionInfraction

13  Myocardial Infarction

14 Chest pain that results from narrowed coronary arteries Angina PectorisStroke Heart attackStent

15  Angina Pectoris

16 A condition in which the heart’s pumping ability is below normal Angina pectorisAtherosclerosis Arteriosclerosis Congestive Heart Failure

17  Congestive Heart Failure

18 A drug that widens the coronary arteries NitroglycerinAleve Penicillin Alcohol

19  Nitroglycerin

20 A non- lifestyle disease that hardens and thickens the arteries as people age naturally. ArteriosclerosisArrhythmia Atherosclerosis Angina pectoris

21  Arteriosclerosis

22 A heart condition in which the heart can beat very fast or very slow for no reason. ArteriosclerosisArrhythmia Atherosclerosis Angina pectoris

23  Arrhythmia

24 A device that is implanted in the heart to stimulate normal heart contractions. Nitroglycerinplaque heartmakerpacemaker

25  Pacemaker

26 A term that means you are born with a disease AneurysmAntioxidant Birthcongenital

27 congenital

28 A heart sound that reflects damaged or abnormal heart valves Murmur congenital Arrhythmia loud

29  murmur

30 An autoimmune disease in the heart that can cause fever, weakness, & damage to the heart valves. Rheumatic heart disease Rheumatic fever none of these

31  Rheumatic fever

32 Permanent heart damage that results from rheumatic fever Rheumatic heart attack heart disease Rheumatic fever none of these

33 Rheumatic heart disease

34 A condition caused by broken or blocked blood vessels in the BRAIN Rheumatic heart attack heart disease Rheumatic fever stroke

35  Stroke

36 A weak area of a blood vessel where it starts to balloon out Aneurysm heart attack Rheumatic fever hemorrhage

37 Aneurysm

38 A fat-like substance made by the body and found in certain foods Antioxidant butter Cholesterol lard

39  Cholesterol

40 Low density lipoproteins (bad cholesterol) LDLHDL SDLPDL

41  LDL

42 High density lipoproteins ( good cholesterol) LDLHDL SDLPDL

43  HDL

44 A substance that protects cells from being damaged by oxidation cholesterol HDL SDL antioxidant

45  Antioxidant

46 Another name for HIGH blood pressure Silent killer both of these Hypertension

47  Both of these are correct

48 What is the range for pre- hypertension 120-139/ 90- 99 120-139/ 90- 99 120-139/ 80-89

49  120-139/80-89

50 What is the range for stage-one Hypertension 120-139/ 90- 99145-159/90-99 120-139/ 80-89140-159/90-99

51  140-159/90-99

52 What is the range for stage-two hypertension? 120-139/ 90- 99145-159/90-99 160/100140-159/90-99

53  160/100

54 What are the names of drugs that lower hypertension? Antihypertensives Aleve Hypertensive'sMorphine

55  Antihypertensive

56 The contraction measurement of blood pressure is called the ________ reading. systolicDiastolic

57  Systolic

58 What is considered an average blood pressure level? 160/90120/80 148/76130/80

59  120/80

60 What blood vessel carries blood AWAY from the heart Capillariesveins Arteriesnone of these

61  arteries

62 Which blood vessel connects arteries to veins Capillariesveins Arteriesnone of these

63  capillaries

64 A stationary clot in the blood is called?  Thrombus embolus  Aneurysm hemorrhage

65  Thrombus

66 The breaking of an artery wall where it has become weak  Thrombus embolus  Aneurysm hemorrhage

67  Hemorrhage

68 Electrodes that record the electrical activity of the heart to determine how well it is functioning is called Cardiac Stress Test Catheterization EchocardiogramElectro-cardiogram

69  Electro-cardiogram

70 Material that is injected through a catheter to tell if there is blockage in the vessels of the heart is called Cardiac Stress Test Catheterization EchocardiogramElectro-cardiogram

71  Cardiac catheterization

72 Walking on a treadmill at increased rates to see how much stress your heart can take is called ? Cardiac Stress Test Catheterization EchocardiogramElectro-cardiogram

73  Stress test

74 A test that uses an ultrasound to visualize the heart’s walls and pumping action is called? Cardiac Stress Test Catheterization EchocardiogramElectro-cardiogram

75  Echocardiogram

76 A procedure where a balloon is inflated in the artery and it pushes the plaque against the artery wall is called? Stent Stress Test EchocardiogramBalloon Angioplasty

77  Balloon angioplasty

78 A procedure in which a small stainless steel tube is placed in the artery to keep the artery expanded is called? Stent Stress Test EchocardiogramBalloon Angioplasty

79  Stent

80 An uncontrolled grow of abnormal cells is called? DiabetesIDiabetes II CancerHeart Disease

81  Cancer

82 Disease is which the body produces little or no insulin is called? DiabetesIDiabetes II CancerHeart Disease

83 Type I Diabetes

84 Diabetes that occurs in some pregnant females is called? DiabetesIDiabetes II CancerGestational Diabetes

85  Gestational Diabetes

86 An abnormal mass of tissue that can live and reproduce itself is called? Tumor Plaque CancerSkin

87  Tumor

88 A tumor that is non-cancerous is called? Tumor Malignant CancerBenign

89  Benign

90 Tumor that may spread to other parts of the body and is cancerous is called? Basil Cell Carcinoma Malignant CancerBenign

91  Malignant

92 The spreading of cancer is called? Tumor In Situ Metastasis Benign

93  Metastasis

94 Most common form of skin cancer is called? Basal Cell Brain Cancer Carcinoma Squamous Cell Malignant Melanoma Carcinoma

95  Basal Cell Carcinoma

96 Cancer treatment depends on: Patients choicecancer location All of these are factors type of cancerhow much cancer hasspread

97  All of these are factors

98 Cancer treatment where drugs are used to kill cancer cells are called? ChemotherapyImmunotherapy RadiationSurgery

99  chemotherapy

100 Most common form of cancer treatment is? ChemotherapyImmunotherapy RadiationSurgery

101  surgery

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