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MD-EXPERT Designed with doctors for doctors. One solution for multiple platforms 248-464- 2959.

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1 MD-EXPERT Designed with doctors for doctors

2 One solution for multiple platforms 248-464- 2959

3 Easy to learn, easy to use Web Based Solution Intuitive Patient registration and scheduling Patient Insurance Info Financial analysis Patient statements Multi Offices and Service Facilities 2012 code sets for Procedures, Services and Diagnosis BCBS certified Billing and Claims Management ANSI Electronic 837P Billing and 835 Payments using EDI 5010 format CMS-1500 claims printing Claim Status Reporting BIRT – Business Intelligence Reporting Tool HTTPS Web Security Supports any web browsers IE, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera iPhone, Android, BlackBerry compatible 248-464- 2959

4 On Time, On Point, On Budget We are a software development company with an exclusive focus on end-to-end global software development and delivery, with perhaps the most talented and educated IT programming staff of any company its size. Our pioneering approach in web technologies, which includes industries' best practices, helps our clients maximize investment performance across their portfolio of complex, business critical applications, while reducing time and costs. At MD-Expert we pride ourselves in delivering products that meet, and most importantly, exceed customer expectations. This objective is met by teaming and close partnering with our clients and partners, developing clear channels of communication we can focus on doing things right the first time! We interested in building a mutually beneficial long lasting relationship with you, we want to learn more about your business and will be glad to help you with any needs to make your business profitable. 248-464- 2959

5 Only best and reliable Technologies we’ve used Java, J2EE HTML5 Java Script GWT (Google Web Toolkit), GXT Hibernate My SQL Database BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool) Web Server Apache and Tomcat 128 bit SSL Encryption 248-464- 2959

6 You can trust us, We will be on time and It will work!… Full IT support at your office Data migration and backups Network setup Network security and firewalls Office equipment installation Office monitoring with web cameras Web site design Integration with your office software 248-464- 2959

7 One application for multiple platforms, browsers and devices Modules: Main module User, roles Manager ( for Office personal) Patient Manager Scheduler Electronic or paper billing Claims manager Financing BIRT – Reporting Smartphone module Corporate Financial Results Statistical Charts Appointments View Patients Search Prescription refill request 248-464- 2959

8 Main module Patients Manager Patients database search engine Multiple offices, physicians Insurance management Patients balances, dues, write offs EMR (electronic medical records), Patients charts Patients latest appointments, history Pharmacy Info 248-464- 2959

9 Main module Financing Flexible sorting, grouping by any available in system parameters, like: Dates, time range Insurance names Patients Locations Filtering with different criteria 248-464- 2959

10 Main module Billing View, sort claims Claims tracking Show billing totals, balances Money flow, dues, write offs From patient From Insurances 248-464- 2959

11 Main module Claims You can pick electronic or paper claim You can do the Test claim to verify EDI standards You can make claim easy with smart Diagnosis search Procedures search 248-464- 2959

12 Main module Scheduler Schedule the patient appointments Multiple views Physicians personal time Drag & drop capability for rescheduling Coloring for different service types 248-464- 2959

13 Main module Scheduler Schedule appointment Manage diagnosis Manage Payments 248-464- 2959

14 Main module Reporting tool With BIRT, you can add a rich variety of reports to your application. Lists - Grouping to organize related data together. You can easily add totals, averages and other summaries. Charts - Numeric data is much easier to understand when presented as a chart. BIRT provides pie charts, line & bar charts. Crosstabs – Crosstabs shows data in two dimensions. 248-464- 2959

15 Smartphone module Home screen Financial Info by month Collected and approved totals Appointment count 248-464- 2959

16 Smartphone module Statistical Charts Monthly analytic comparison of different service types with previous year by month 248-464- 2959

17 Smartphone module Appointments View Appointment selection Today By week By location 248-464- 2959

18 Smartphone module Patients Search Smart search by Last Name 248-464- 2959

19 Smartphone module Appointment s Manager Edit or schedule new appointments Update financial totals 248-464- 2959

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