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S4 PSE Time Management, Organisation and study timetables.

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1 S4 PSE Time Management, Organisation and study timetables.

2 TIME MANAGEMENT Create an efficient working space so that you don’t waste time Work out when you can study Create a ‘weekly study planner’. Keep to it and make sure that it is up to date Create you own regular priority list Always make sure that you take time to file and sort out all notes as soon as possible Organise your social life. Recognise the importance of studying for exams at crucial times Always look for opportunities to catch up on work Be effective in your reading and note-taking Don’t waste time by messing around in school, the revision and work that you do in class is very important for your success. Use relaxation techniques and have regular breaks to encourage efficiency

3 Creating a Study Timetable Exams are not just about memory, they are about preparation and about awareness of what is expected of you. Some TIPS for creating your study timetable include -Reflect first on the best time that you study, is this straight after school or after you have had something to eat -Consider what subjects need the most study and revision. Estimate how many hours you need for each subject and try to match this with the hours available in your weekly planner. IMPORTANT TO HAVE A BALANCE OF SUBJECTS, DON’T JUST REVISE THE ONES THAT YOU LIKE

4 Creating a Study Timetable Use a template to draw up a study timetable. First block in all the extra-curricular activities and events that you have coming up. This should be an actual timetable that you can follow, it should be achievable Then block in study times, 50 min to an hour long sessions with ten minute breaks Use different colour for different subjects Include in your plan not only the subject that you are going to be studying but how you are going to study it. For example 1 hour of Biology, creating a mind map on cell division. History, timed past paper 1 hour 45 minutes

5 Creating a Study Timetable 9-10am10-11am11-1212-1pm1-2pm2-3pm3-4pm Monday MathsEnglishMathsLunchMathsChemMaths Walk dog Xbox Tuesday Maths Exam Maths Exam LunchEnglish Art English TV Wednesday GCEnglishLunchEnglish Exam English Exam P Des Rugby Read Thursday ArtChemLunchChemP DesEnglish French Friday Chem Exam LunchChem Exam French Saturday Art LunchGCP DesGC Sunday EnglishLunch Rugby

6 Activity Create your own study timetable for over the Spring holidays using the blank template that will be given to you If you feel that you are struggling in some subjects more that others then more time should be dedicated to these subjects in your study plan. Use different colours to represent different subjects

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