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WOLFPACK VOLLEYBALL. WOLFPACK Coaching Staff Varsity –Coach Helbling –Coach Gardener Junior Varsity –Coach Detring.

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2 WOLFPACK Coaching Staff Varsity –Coach Helbling –Coach Gardener Junior Varsity –Coach Detring

3 WOLFPACK VOLLEYBALL Mission Statement The mission of the North Paulding High School WOLFPACK Volleyball program is to help young women achieve their academic, athletic and personal potential during their time at North Paulding. The challenges of being a successful student- athlete at North Paulding High school helps to mold these young women into future leaders. Learning how to respond to these challenges will help develop character and integrity.

4 WOLFPACK VOLLEYBALL Character Commitment Communication Player Expectations

5 WOLFPACK VOLLEYBALL Program Goals 1.Form competitive teams each year to compete at the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels. 2.Provide young women with the opportunity to achieve their academic, athletic, and leadership goals. 3.Provide as many girls as possible with an opportunity to play one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. 4.Create an environment where all players, parents, teachers, coaches, and students are excited about the North Paulding WOLFPACK volleyball program!

6 Parent Expectations 1.Help create an environment full of positive interaction between players, coaches, opposing teams and fans. 2.Help by fundraising to meet player fee, working concessions, supervision, photography, videography or hospitality at games and other things as needed by teams. 3.Donate drinks/chips/candy for use in the concession stand. 4.Have Fun and Cheer on the WOLFPACK!

7 Fundraising We fundraise so that we can purchase things that are necessary throughout the season. –Volleyballs, nets, antennas, practice equipment, first aid medical supplies, senior night, ball carts, transportation, officials, tournament entry fees, uniforms, Assistant Coach stipends, practice & game day apparel, video editing supplies, etc. This years fundraisers –Sign Advertisement –Donations –Concession Stand –Apparel Sales

8 Game Day Meals Each Parent will be responsible for providing meals for one game day for all girls, managers and coaches. Sign up for the game that you want to deliver a meal Girls tend to prefer (Subway, Chick-fil-A, Pasta, Etc) –You are also responsible for drink (water or sports drink) Meal is to be delivered to Coach Gardener’s room (1023) no later than 3:30pm on game days. –Remember to get here early due to car line at the front of the school

9 Concessions All parents have to sign up for 1 home game (5:00pm-8:00pm) we will need 2 parents for each night In years past parents prefer to work opposite games so that you can see your daughters game

10 Line Judges Each parent is going to be responsible for working a game night as a lines judge (unless anyone wants to volunteer to be a permanent line judge) Prevents us from having our athletes doing it and avoids us having to forfeit Each parent is responsible for their night and for knowing the rules Get in free to game that night… (Home & Away) Also need score keeper for Varsity. Needed in order to not forfeit games. We can train you if you are unsure of how to do it.

11 Parent Committees/Chairs 1.Homecoming Float Chair 2.Senior Night Chair (Usually a junior parent) 3.Season Banquet Chair (set up/help with end of year banquet) 4.Team Meals Chair (coordinate that the meals get delivered) *** Need one person to act as chair for each. *** If you would like to form a committee for each event, feel free. *** Please sign up for one before you leave tonight

12 Recruiting Illegal for any member of the school, booster, students, parents or anyone associated with the team and/or program to recruit any athlete from other schools North will be held responsible for any illegal recruitments and WILL be penalized

13 School Insurance Every student must have medical insurance Can be private or school purchased

14 Bus Transportation All athletes are to travel to the participating school with NPHS coaches & can choose to return home with their parent or approved adult. A waiver can be found on our site to fill out and must be on file with the WOLFPACK Volleyball team for EVERY game.

15 Player Dues Each player is required to contribute the following in order to cover their part: Varsity: $250 to offset the years costs. JV: $150 to offset the years costs. This can be done by: Participating in one or all fundraising events Donating your fee to the VB program Find companies to sponsor our team with Ads All players dues are due by Sep 24 th.

16 “Together We Attack” Sponsors Gold Sponsor: $300 3’ x 4’ Banner hung in the gym, Logo on team site, and Wolfpack Volleyball T-shirt Silver Sponsor: $250 3’ x 4’ Banner hung in the gym, Logo on team site Bronze Sponsor: $200 3’ x 4’ Banner hung in the gym Half of advertisement money collected will be put directly towards your daughters fee

17 Pick-up from practices and games –Times for practices and games are not set in stone, but we try to end around the same time everyday. –Please help us out and be here on time to pick up your child. –15 minute grace period

18 Team Practice & Match Times Varsity: Matches are mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays at: 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30pm. Practices are on non-match days from: 3:45pm – 6:00pm. JV : Matches are mostly Mondays & Wednesdays at: 5:30, 6:30 and 7:30pm. Practice on non-match days from: 3:45pm – 6:00pm.

19 Team Practices & Matches ALL PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY!!!! Failure to attend one can result in punishment decided by coach. Constant missing of practice or games can result in termination from the team.

20 Fall Break There IS a match scheduled for both, jv and varsity, over Fall Break. –JV Monday Sep. 23 rd at 5:30 pm –Varsity Tuesday Sep. 24 th at 5:30 pm –Both matches are at Hiram These are area matches and were setup by the area coordinator. They cannot be moved. Plan vacations accordingly. No absences, No exceptions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 WOLFPACK VOLLEYBALL Area Tournaments JV– Saturday, October 5 th @ TBA, 10:00am - 3:00pm Varsity – 1 st Round Thursday, October 10 th @ TBA 4:30pm – 8:30pm – 2 nd Round Saturday, October 12th @ TBA 10:00am – 2:30pm ***Transportation will not be provided

22 WOLFPACK VOLLEYBALL Contact Information Coach Gardener: Team Website: Find us on facebook too!

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