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Heritage Middle School Cheerleading Parent Information Meeting.

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1 Heritage Middle School Cheerleading Parent Information Meeting

2 Meet the Sponsors

3 MEMBERSHIP Cheerleaders are expected to set a good example by displaying the following character traits: –Must be honest and truthful –Must exhibit high moral standards –Must willingly display positive school spirit –Must show good sportsmanship –Must exhibit a very positive attitude toward cheerleader duties

4 Duties of an HMS Cheerleader Show school spirit and cheer for HMS at athletic events The cheerleader is responsible for setting-up and cleaning up pep rallies. The Cheerleader is required to attend practice to prepare for games, pep-rallies, and competition. The cheerleader will cheer at a maximum of one Athletic event per week. School cheerleading takes precedence over outside cheer/dance/sports. Please arrange your schedule accordingly.

5 HMS Cheerleader COMMITMENT!!!!!!!! –Always give 100% of time and effort –Attend ALL games and practices (unless ill or school sponsored event) –Cheerleading is a TEAM sport. We look great as a team or we don’t. Actions of one cheerleader effect the ENTIRE squad.

6 PRACTICE Practice Tuesdays and Fridays beginning in April to prepare for camp. We do work with coaches if a cheerleader is participating in school athletics Competition squad will require more practices

7 Competition Squad 8 th graders are automatically on the competition squad unless they choose to opt out (this must be decided by August 1 and the decision is final). 7 th graders must try out in August –Any girl that doesn’t make it has the option to be an alternate and fill in should there be an injury or illness

8 Schedule-Football/Volleyball Season 7 th 8th Practices Wednesdays & Fridays Games Mondays/ Thursdays Tuesdays/ Thursdays

9 Schedule-Basketball/Cheer Competition Season 7 th 8th Practices Tuesdays & FridaysTuesdays/Fridays/ Holiday Breaks Games Mondays/Thursdays/ Fridays

10 Attendance Excused absences: personal illness, school function, emergencies School cheerleading takes precedence over OUTSIDE cheer/dance/sports.

11 DEMERIT POLICY A cheerleader will receive a demerit when he/she fails to satisfactorily complete his/her responsibilities. There are two demerit cycles: –1) Election Day to the first school day of the fall semester –2) first school day of the fall semester to the day before Election Day.

12 DEMERIT POLICY Conduct These demerits may NOT be removed during a demerit cycle. Conditioning Exercises will be given for… Attendance Performance Practice Uniforms General Responsibilities

13 BENCHING Failure to maintain an overall “70” or above average in any class during a six (6) weeks After three unexcused absences from practices or from games After receiving the 5th and 7th demerit as outlined in the demerit policy.

14 NUMBER OF CHEERLEADERS Natural Break Maximum 20 girls

15 Natural Break vs. 20 Member Squad 161.40 259.93 356.10 453.78 552.98 651.68 751.63 850.13 949.33 1047.75 1147.10 1244.85 1344.15 1440.95 1540.25 1640.00 1735.10 1834.90 1934.38 2032.85 2132.78 2232.20 Natural Break 20 members

16 ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Enrolled and in attendance in the GCISD by the day of tryouts. Minimum fall semester average of 77.5 or above in all classes for the current school year. May not have been expelled for any reason. May not exceed ten (10) unexcused absences in any one class during the current school year. Must be in good financial standing with the cheerleading organization and the school Reports Cards can be purchased from counseling office.

17 CHEERLEADING TRYOUTS BEFORE JUDGES The categories to be judged using a 1 – 5 ranking –showmanship –dance –Motion –technique –jumps –tumbling will be judged using a 0 – 5 ranking.

18 Tryout Preparation Forms Due Letter of Agreement Medical Waiver for Tryouts Student Evaluation Form Report Card (1st Semester) Wednesday, February 20, 2013 *no later than 3:30 p.m. Candidates Posted Friday, March 1, 2013 by 3:30 pm Workshops Candidates must wear workout clothes and shoes. Last workshop will be a practice tryout which may last until 5:30 pm. March 4 th – March 7 th 3:30 – 5:00 pm HMS gym B All workshops are closed practices.

19 Tryouts Friday, March 8, 2013 CTMS gym 6th grade report at 4:00 pm 7th grade report at 6:30 pm Mascots report at 7:30 pm Tryouts last approx. 1 ½ hours. Candidates may leave as soon as their tryout is complete All tryouts are closed sessions.

20 Tryouts New Cheerleaders will be posted after 10pm on the district website ( or the cheer website linked to the HMS website)

21 Outside Classes for Tryouts GHS Cheer Clinic Spirit Xtreme Champion Cheer (Southlake) –

22 Expenses These figures are approximate. See last page of packet.

23 Fundraising is… mandatory done periodically throughout the year used for cheer supplies, cheer events, and choreography/music costs

24 Camp Camp date: –Hosted by NCA at Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center –July 29 - August 1 We will have summer practices starting July 15 th. Summer practices and camp are MANDATORY.

25 After tryouts New cheerleaders will meet in room 802 on Monday, March 18 at 7:30am. New cheerleader parent meeting on Tuesday, March 19 at 7:00 pm in the Lecture Hall. –Booster dues and camp fee will be due at that time.

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