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Appendix A Committee & Project Responsibility. Committees & Projects Board members are assigned oversight for key committees and Upper 90 projects. The.

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1 Appendix A Committee & Project Responsibility

2 Committees & Projects Board members are assigned oversight for key committees and Upper 90 projects. The board member may serve as the committee chair or lead the project or he/she may assign someone to that responsibility. The board member has overall responsibility to ensure the performance of that committee or project to the satisfaction of the board.

3 List of Committees & Projects Spirit Wear Committee Tournament Directors (boys/girls) Website Manager Banquet Committee Spirit Nights Coordinators (boys/girls) Senior Poster Cubbie Camp Middle School Rep Concession Coordinator Travel Coordinator Social Network Team Dinners Coordinators (boys/girls) Pre-game meals (middle school & high school) LLI Fund Raiser Representation (5K Country Run and Golf Tournament) Game Day Statistics Coordination of Ball Boys/Girls for Varsity Games Leopard Friday Reading with the Leopards


5 Spirit Wear Committee Assistance with the presentation and availability of spirit wear to club. Oversight of the distribution Lovejoy Upper 90 soccer clothing and accessories. Input into the development of clothing and accessories by working closely with outside vendor.

6 Tournament Director (boys/girls) Follows documented guidelines provided by the Upper 90 board for the successful tournament organization and execution of the pre-district Lovejoy Leopard Soccer tournament. Includes assigning and managing volunteers (concessions, hospitality room, field marshals, ticket sales, announcers, etc.).

7 Website Manager Ensures information is posted on the Upper 90 website in a timely basis. Responsible for the look and feel of the Upper 90 website with direction from the Upper 90 board.

8 Banquet Committee Responsible for planning, organizing and executing a spring banquet for the Upper 90 club. Works closely with coaches, school officials and board on event. Responsible for catering, media presentation, speakers and agenda with board review and approval.

9 Spirit Night Coordinators (boys/girls) Recommends to board spirit night activities for upcoming district home games. Spirit nights may include, but not limited to, teacher appreciation night, future Leopard night and senior night. The coordinator is responsible for the successful planning, organizing, communication and execution of the spirit nights. Enlists volunteers to assist with execution of spirit nights.

10 Senior Poster Committee With coaches and board approval, responsible for the creative design, photography and printing of the senior poster. Seniors posters should be ready to distribute no later than December 1. Enlists seniors and players to distribute the posters to the community. Works within financial parameters established by board.

11 Cubbie Camp Coordinator Responsible for the promotion of Cubbie Camp which is a series of Saturday afternoon soccer camps for elementary school students in the Lovejoy district. Works with Membership Director to develop a communications plan in advance of the event. Works with Marketing Communications Director to ensure photographs and information on the event is posted to Upper 90 website, social networks or other media outlets to promote and communicate event. Works with coaches on timing of event. Helps coaches to organize player or parent volunteers as needed.

12 Middle School Representative The Middle School Representative will work closely with Membership Director to: – Coordinate pre-game meals – Solicit Upper 90 membership for middle school parents – Communicate schedule changes – Communicate calendar of events – Promote the Upper 90 club to middle school parents and players.

13 Concessions Coordinator Works with Lovejoy administration representatives to staff concessions at Lovejoy athletic events. Solicits and assigns volunteers to concessions schedules as required. Works with Lovejoy concession representative to ensure concessions are available for Lovejoy high school and middle school soccer games.

14 Travel Coordinator (Boys/Girls) Each varsity coach is responsible for planning and organizing their tournament travel schedule. The Travel Coordinator provides any logistical support for out of town tournament play as directed by the coach.

15 Social Network Manage Upper 90 presence on social networking tools including Facebook. Link to photos through website to drive more interest in the program. Coordinate with to link to the Upper 90 information.

16 Team Dinner Coordinators (boys/girls) At coaches direction, plans, organizes and executes team dinners once a week during district. Ensures all activities are in compliance with UIL rules and guidelines. Responsible for following LLI and UIL record keeping guidelines for Team dinners. Responsible for finding families that will volunteer their homes for team dinners.

17 Pre-Game Meal Coordinators (boys/girls) Coordinator is responsible for all pre-game meals for designated players prior to district and non-district, home and away, games. Collects money from parents who want their player to participate in pre-game meals. Works directly with local restaurants to deliver food after school prior to the game. The position requires good planning, organizing and flexibility with changing schedules.

18 LLI Fund Raiser Representatives Lovejoy Leopard Inc. (LLI) is responsible for two fund raisers. Money from these fund raisers are distributed to the 13 current Lovejoy booster clubs. Reps are assigned to represent the Upper 90 club at LLI fund raisers and are required to attend all meetings (or find representation) and report back to the board on activities, calendars and schedules. The Upper 90 may have leadership or committee roles to support the organization, planning or execution of the fund raising event. The rep is responsible for ensuring Upper 90 membership participation on those projects/committees. Solicits volunteers from Upper 90 membership to support the actual LLI fund raising events.

19 Game Day Coordinators (boys/girls) Find volunteer to do pre-game and game announcements. This includes national anthem, introduction of the players, music and other required information in the pre-game. During game announcers is desired but not mandatory for all home varsity games. Ensure shelters are set up for all Lovejoy high school games (freshman, JV & Varsity). Ensures heaters are filled with kerosene and set up for use for all Lovejoy home games – middle school and high school. Heaters should be return to storage after usage. Lovejoy programs are desirable but not required for home games.

20 Statistics Coordinators (Boys/Girls) Responsible for documenting assists, saves & goals for all Lovejoy high school games both home and away. Responsible for sending information via e-mail to the Website Manager and coaches. Information may be used by Marketing Communications Director for press releases or game updates to Allen newspaper.

21 Ball Boys/Girls Coordinator (Middle School) Working with Membership Director, responsible for the promotion, organization, planning and execution of coordinating the ball boys for all home varsity games. A schedule will be developed which will be updated and sent to the Website Manager for posting. Responsible for communicating with middle school parents on pre-game and game requirements for ball boys/girls.

22 Leopard Friday Plan, organize and manage the activities for Upper 90 soccer club at Leopard Friday. Submit plans to coaches for input and approval. Submit plans and gain approval to LISD designated representative that is leading Leopard Friday Upper 90 activities. Promote activities to Upper 90 board, members and prospective members. Work with coaches to coordinate Upper 90 booster club area and activities for Leopard Friday. Solicit and manage volunteers for activities. Coordinate “give aways” for the children participating in the event.

23 Reading with the Leopards Booster representative for elementary greeting and reading program. Attends all three “Reading with the Leopards” events. Boys/Girls varsity players arrive at elementary schools to greet the kids as they arrive. Boys/Girls pair up and read a story to begin the day to all elementary school classrooms. Work closely with coaches and principles to oversee events.

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