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Cooking Up Marketing Ideas For Your Association By Cassandra Johnson.

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1 Cooking Up Marketing Ideas For Your Association By Cassandra Johnson

2 Five-Star Campaigns HP: Everybody On Barilla: Share The Table Bubble Wrap: 50 th Anniversary

3 Print Broadcast YouTube videos Social media Celebrities HP Everybody On

4 Barilla: Share The Table Print Television Website Celebrity endorsements Sweepstakes Website, consumer content Charitable donation

5 Bubble Wrap Pop Heard Around The World Product giveaways Website Facebook Online game Custom App

6 Integrated Marketing

7 What Makes These Campaigns Impressive? Right blend of Ingredients – Individually serve their purpose Mixed with the proper balance Create a much more delicious and impressive dish

8 Let’s Look At A Few More Favorites TARGET: Hello, Manhattan Print Outdoor advertising Media coverage Use of celebrity designers Special event: Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular Facebook Streaming video

9 Old Spice: Smell Like a Man, Man YouTube Television Twitter Social Media response campaign Media coverage

10 100% Cork Campaign Website Print ads PR campaign Facebook / Twitter Special events Viral videos

11 Integrated Marketing: Tactics That Are Trending Like-gating Consumer Platforms Integrated Video

12 Like-gating The practice of trading gifts or exclusive content for a “like” on a brand’s page

13 Consumer Platforms Give your best customers a platform allows them to share their experience with others

14 Integrated Video

15 Traditional Tactics Are Still Relevant Direct mail Advertising Public Relations Email and Website Integration & Interaction

16 Your Integrated Marketing Campaign First: Ask These Questions What Is My Brand Strategy? Who Are My Audiences? What final outcome do I want to achieve? What can I Build On That I Already Have? What Is Reasonable To Achieve Within My Timeframe and Within My Resources and budget? Where/ How can I pull in industry “celebrities”? How can I give my members a platform to share their real-world expertise?

17 Your Integrated Marketing Campaign Next: Look In The Pantry Offline Advertising Direct Mail Flyers Brochures Coupons Speaking engagements Media relations Video Testimonials Online Email Website Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube OVERALL MESSAGE

18 Your Integrated Marketing Campaign Finally: Start Cooking! Audience Tactic Message Date of Delivery/ Implementation Measurement

19 Your Integrated Marketing Campaign Five-Star Results! Integration Interaction Increased marketshare Cassandra Johnson Regional Affiliate Marketing Manager 972-258-3027

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