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Writing Tips for State Assessments. Types of Writing.

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1 Writing Tips for State Assessments

2 Types of Writing




6 Don’t Stress Each prompt has a –Writing Situation : to give you a background about the question. Use clues from the situation in your paper. –Prompt : this is your question, read it several times. Stay on task.

7 Handy Writing Tips Conclusion – Sum up all of your points again or ask the reader to take action Introduction which should include an interesting hook and rewrite of the question Body Paragraph 1 – be sure to have transitions Body Paragraph 2- Begin with a transition Body Paragraph 3 – Begin with a transition

8 “You are RIGHT! You are ALWAYS RIGHT, and EVERYONE must AGREE!!

9 Don’t forget your…

10 Informational essays are essays where the purpose is to inform, describe, explain, or define the author's subject to the reader. Informational essays use facts and opinions to explain to the audience the author's view on a given topic/issue/question. Each informational essay will include a thesis statement. It is the job of the author to explain the thesis to the reader in the body paragraphs.


12 Quick Brainstorm Ideas Remember – Time is ticking and you don’t need to spend too long on the planning page!

13 Brainstorm Ideas: Make a Web

14 Brainstorm Ideas : T-Chart Topic 1Topic 2Topic 3 Supporting detail

15 Transitions Let your writing flow from one paragraph to the next with good transitions! You are scored on this! Try to be more specific than just first, second, and third. Example: Use Another instead of second. Another safety concern at our school is traffic in the hallway.

16 Weak TransitionsGood Transitions One thing I want to tell you about is. One important safety concern at our school is the crowded hallways. Second, I want to tell you about bullying. Another safety concern at our school is fighting that is a result of bullying. Third, thing I want to say is bathrooms. A final safety concern in our building is the supervision near the restrooms. These transitions were not specific and did not use correct sentence structure. No commas and many were fragments. These transitions restate the issue the reader knows exactly what the paragraph is about.

17 Happy Writing

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