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Chapter 1 The World of Earth Science

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1 Chapter 1 The World of Earth Science

2 Key Terms geology pg. 18 Oceanography- the study of the ocean
meteorology pg. 18 Astronomy- the study of physical objects beyond earth ecosystem- pg. 540 Seismology-the study of earthquakes environmental science pg. 18 geography- the study of the surface features of the Earth cartography- the art of making maps geochemistry- the study of Geology and Chemistry Earth science pg. 18

3 Branches of Earth Science
Geology Oceano- graphy Meteorology Astronomy Special Branches seismologist physical weather forecasting stars ecology planets geochemistry biological study of Earth’s atmosphere volcanologist geography chemical asteroids paleontologist geological outer space environmental science

4 Geology The study of the solid Earth
Volcanology Paleontology Seismology Earthquakes Volcanoes Fossils

5 Oceanography The study of the ocean
Physical Biological Geological Chemical Waves and ocean currents Natural chemicals and pollution Ocean plants and animals Ocean floor

6 Meteorology The study of the Earth’s atmosphere
Weather Hurricanes Tornadoes

7 Astronomy The study of all things beyond Earth
Planets Stars Asteroids

8 Special Branches Not limited to
Environmental Science Ecology Geochemistry Geography & Cartography

9 Summary Earth science can be divided into three general categories:
1. Geology 2. Oceanography 3. Meteorology

10 Summary Careers in Earth science often require knowledge of more than one science 1. Geochemistry- geology and chemistry 2. Environmental science- life science, chemistry, physics and geology 3. Ecology- biology, geology, chemistry climatology, computer technology and math 4. Geography & Cartography- geology, life science and physics

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