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The Study of Earth Science

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1 The Study of Earth Science
Chapter 1 Section 2

2 1. What are the three main ideas that Earth scientists use to guide their work?
The structure of the Earth system The Earth’s history The Earth in the solar system 2. What is a System? A group of parts that work together as a whole

3 3.What are the four parts scientists divide the Earth into?
4. Lithosphere- Earth’s solid rocky outer layer 5. Biosphere- All living things

4 6. Hydrosphere- 7. Atmosphere- All water bodies
Earth’s oceans, lakes, rivers, ice 7. Atmosphere- Outer most sphere, mixture of gasses surrounding the Earth

5 8. What is the mains source of energy for the systems on Earth?
The SUN! How does the sun provide energy? Radiation (heat), the water cycle 9. How old do scientists believe the Earth to be? 4.6 BILLION Years old!!!

6 Constructive and Destructive Forces
10. What are constructive and destructive forces? Constructive: shape the Earth’s surface Destructive: wear away Earth’s surface Give examples: Plate tectonics building up mountains, volcanoes Erosion of mountains by wind, water

7 11. What makes up the solar system?
Sun, planets, their moons, rocks, ice particles Planets and moons move around the sun

8 The Branches of Earth Science
12. Name the five branches of Earth science: Geology- The study of the solid Earth Oceanography- The study of Earth’s oceans Meteorology- The study of Earth’s atmosphere Astronomy- The study of the universe beyond Earth Environmental Science- The study of Earth’s environment and resources

9 Scientific Model: Helps scientists study and understand things that can not be observed directly Models are used to represent complex objects or processes. Used in Earth Science by meteorologists using models to study weather, computer simulations to test hypothesis.

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