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Diamond Bar High School

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1 Diamond Bar High School
Navigating DBHS academics & CSU/UC requirements Ginger Auten and Marc Natividad – Class of 2016 GLC’s

2 College Admission Video

3 Topics DBHS Graduation Requirements and Grad check A-G: Subject Requirements A-G: Options for Satisfying A-G Honors and AP classes = Strength of schedule ACT and SAT Senior Year

4 DBHS Graduation Requirements
English – 4 years Math – 2 years (and through Algebra I) Social Science – 3 years Science – 2 years PE – 2 years Fine Arts / Foreign Language – 1 year Applied Arts – 1.5 years Computers / Health - .5 year each CAHSEE – Must pass exit exam 220 total credits minimum

5 Graduation Check

6 A-G: Subject Requirements
CSU/UC Counselor Conference

7 CSU/UC Counselor Conference
Purpose of A-G Courses Prepare students to participate fully in their first-year program at the University. Provide students with a foundation of general knowledge for new and advanced study. Help students develop critical thinking and analytical skills. CSU/UC Counselor Conference

8 CSU/UC Counselor Conference
A-G Course Pattern The 15 “a-g” courses are: Subject requirement Required # of years History / social science (“a”) 2 years English (“b”) 4 years Mathematics (“c”) 3 years Laboratory science (“d”) Language other than English (“e”) Visual and performing arts (“f”) 1 year College-preparatory elective (“g”) *Shading = difference between CSU and UC CSU/UC Counselor Conference

9 History / Social Science (“a”)
The requirement = 2 years CSU 1 year of U.S. history OR ½ year of U.S. history and ½ year of government 1 year of history / social science from either the “a” or “g” subject area UC 1 year of U.S. history OR ½ year of U.S. history and ½ year of government 1 year of world history CSU/UC Counselor Conference

10 CSU/UC Counselor Conference
English (“b”) The requirement = 4 years May use 1 year of ESL/ELD English Must be on “a-g” course list! Can’t be taken during student’s senior year CSU/UC Counselor Conference

11 CSU/UC Counselor Conference
Mathematics (“c”) The requirement = 3 years (4 years recommend) CSU Must complete coursework in: Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Higher-level math courses validate lower-level coursework. Exception: Statistics only validates Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. UC Must complete coursework in: Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2 Higher-level math courses validate lower-level coursework. Exception: Statistics only validates Algebra 1 and Algebra 2. Can no longer validate omission of Geometry CSU/UC Counselor Conference

12 Laboratory Science (“d”)
The requirement = 2 years (3 years recommend) CSU Must complete coursework in: 1 year of physical science 1 year of biological science May use 1 course from “g” area to satisfy either physical or biological science requirement. A grade of C or better in the 2nd semester of chemistry will validate a D/F in the 1st semester. UC Coursework chosen from 2 of 3 disciplines: Biology Chemistry Physics Both courses must be from “d” subject area. Chemistry cannot be validated. CSU/UC Counselor Conference

13 Language Other Than English (“e”)
The requirement = 2 years (3 year recommended) Must be of the same language other than English Higher-level LOTE course will validate lower-level work. Certification of competence in a language other than English. Formal schooling in a language other than English. Assessment by exam or University. CSU: Additional methods! CSU/UC Counselor Conference

14 Visual and Performing Arts (“f”)
The requirement = 1 yearlong course Coursework completed in either: Dance Music Theater Visual arts Single course must be completed sequentially. Not required to complete within the same academic year. CSU/UC Counselor Conference

15 College-Preparatory Elective (“g”)
The requirement = 1 year An “a-f” course beyond those used to satisfy the requirement. OR Course that is approved solely for use as “g” electives. CSU/UC Counselor Conference

16 Options for Satisfying A-G
CSU/UC Counselor Conference

17 Satisfying A-G with High School Courses
Most common method of fulfilling the subject requirements. Must be on the high school’s “a-g” course list for the year in which the student completed the course. Student must earn grade of C or better. No Pass/Fail or Credit/No credit grades! Can use approved courses from other California high schools and online schools. CSU/UC Counselor Conference

18 CSU/UC Counselor Conference
The A-G Course List A-G Course List website: View any school’s or program’s course list. CSU/UC Counselor Conference

19 Honors/AP courses = Strength of Schedule

20 ACT and SAT We recommend taking both
Taking both – this will not have a negative impact on one’s admission status Colleges want the score that best helps the candidate Most colleges and universities accept scores from either exam Register and information: ACT SAT

21 Current SAT vs. Redesigned SAT
3.5 hours long w/ 10 sections. Includes essay Math, Reading and Writing Score range 5 choices with incorrect score penalized Math up to Algebra II with calculator 3 hours 4-5 sections (optional 50min essay) Math, Reading and Writing Score range Essay scores stands by itself 4 choices, no penalty Math up to Pre-Calculus (calculator can be used on 1 part) 2017 (option) 2018 (Mostly new)

22 Senior Year – Ready or Not!
College App process FAFSA Senior Profile

23 Senior Profile Designed to assist students in looking thoughtfully about themselves in the college application process Snapshot of the students activities, accomplishments, strengths, etc. Workshop during Spring of Junior Year Only used for students applying to Private Universities GLC’s use this in writing Letter of Recommendation

24 Comprehensive Review Grade-Point Average Test Scores
Courses Completed/Planned Honors Courses Top 9% Local Context (ELC) Quality of Senior-Year Program of Study Academic Opportunities in California High Schools Performance in Academic Subject Areas Achievements in Special Projects Improvement in Academic Performance Special Talents, Achievements, and Awards Participation in Educational Preparation Programs Academic Accomplishment Within Life Experiences Geographic Location

25 Questions?

26 Resources UC-CSU Comparison of Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Freshman Admission: comparison-matrix.pdf A-G Course List website: CSU Admissions Handbook: “Options for Satisfying UC’s ‘A-G’ Subject Requirements for Freshman Applicants”: satisfying-a-g.pdf ASSIST: California Colleges: ACT SAT

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