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Power of Starting Point in the Process From Preview to Duplication: Getting the RIGHT PEOPLE Listen to Decide to Get Good at It Pt 1 & 2, CDT323A&B Starting.

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1 Power of Starting Point in the Process From Preview to Duplication: Getting the RIGHT PEOPLE Listen to Decide to Get Good at It Pt 1 & 2, CDT323A&B Starting Point 101, CDSP102 Using SP at the Business Preview, CDSP105

2 Steps in the Process 1.Show the Plan: Get the App! 2.At the Financial Intelligence Seminar (Preview): Get the App! (option sheet) 3.Go through Starting Point Worksheet with them, then and there starting with answering any questions… 4.Use page #1: “we are going to be working together as a team to develop Team 1, and as you develop the confidence and see results then you will probably choose to take on more responsibility and we’ll help you start to develop Team 2”.

3 Steps in the Process 5.So this is your homework between now and when we meet in couple of days… a.Names List “..everyone that knows your name..” b.Shopping List Ditto “..what you personally spend money on..” c.Dreams List d.Listen to CDs e.Catch up on ____________ 6.Do page 2 then and there “going to help you with the process of doing the dreams list” 7.Start their names list and explain the ambition scale – make a mark out of 10 8.Make sure Time, Date, Place BOOKED IN and DETAILS are swapped (write it down infront of them – inc downline take note of the app time) 9.Get them out of the venue by 9.45ish – don’t want them tired the next morning and guess who they blame?

4 The Steps: Zero Tolerance-Ditto 10.Automatically set-up a SUBMITTED ditto when you net-sponsor them. Work it out based on week of the month and the product pack that they have started with

5 VS#DescriptionAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMar 6133 DOUBLE X 31 DAY S/TRAY 1........... 6134 DOUBLE X 62DAY REFILL BOX. 2127OMEGA 3 COMPLEX..1..1..1... 102793 PROTEIN BAR VARIETY PACK 11111111111. Zero Tolerance: Ditto Sample Ditto based on Basic Product Pack

6 VS#DescriptionAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecJanFebMar 6133 DOUBLE X 62 DAY REFILL BOX. 102793 PROTEIN BAR VARIETY PACK.11111111111 2127XS ENERGY CIRTUS111111111111 102793 XS ENERGY TROPICAL 111111111111 XS BLAST – CHOC111111 XS BLAST – LATTE111111 Sample Ditto based on Health & Energy Product Pack

7 The Steps: Zero Tolerance-Ditto 10.Shoot off a Welcome Email with details of Ditto, their Homework and Diary Dates (cc active upline including your upline too)

8 Hey Lisa Great catching up with you last night & welcome to the team! Looking forward to catching up with you on Monday at 6pm at your place. Hopefully you’ll have had a chance to go through starting point CD and Worksheet as we discussed. Also try to look at the catalogue and web-site. I’ll also show you the website and how to make the most of your shopping programme with DITTO DELIVERY. In the meantime, here’s some information for you and some upcoming dates you may want to note in your diary. Here are details fyi so you can check out the website: website is: your id number is 7210896, password is as written on the top of your registration form. DITTO DELIVERY Your supplements (Double X & Omega 3 & protein bars – you will receive your initial product pack by Friday) have been placed on the ditto auto-replenishment programme. One week before despatch, Amway will send you an email to remind you and you can change / add other items as you like. Next time we meet we will go through the web-site and the ordering process and I will show you how to make changes to this DITTO program – incredible time effective and convenient. You might as well shop in your own business & make some money from the everyday items you are buying anyway!!! It’s an awesome programme, takes a huge headache out of shopping and ensures you never run out. DIARY DATES: Next business preview, Tuesday, C2 Centre Corner Silverwater & Egerton Roads Silverwater 7.45 to 9.30 This will help you understand the process better, and you can bring others along to show them how it works. Business Development Seminar Sat 28th April C2 Centre 6.45 to 10.00 pm This will help you understand the process better, and teach you how to develop your business Next Nuts & Bolts Sat 14th April 3.15 to 5.30 pm C2 centre, Normandy room Ground training for the business. Excellent for business development Next Weekend Convention Fri 22nd to Sun 24th June Wollongong Entertainment Centre International motivational speakers to excel your business and personal life goals too! Look forward to catching up with you on Monday! Kind Regards, Joe Andary

9 The Steps: Get Start (listen to SP101 on the way) 11.Refer to Starting Point: Make it your BURNING AIM to get an APP in the team between them joining and your Get-Start appointment with them and re-explain page 1 again. 12.Did they listen to CDs, Work on the Worksheet.. So what?? Keep moving? 13.Get to their GOALS: “would you like me to show you what it would take to make an extra $1,500+ a month in next 10months?” 14.Get to the GOALS sheet of SP: Explain Pacesetter Club 15.My GOAL is to get to the LIST!!!!!

10 The Steps: Get-Start 16.So there are 2 ways to approach these 6 ppl in the next 30 days: a.1 on 1/Group Meeting b.FIS (Business Preview) 17.Pull out the script: “ Hey I know this is short notice but I’ve just been given the opportunity to invite a few people to a financial intelligence workshop tomorrow (on Tuesday) night. It’s a financial intelligence workshop where (you get to hear what other people are doing to create extra income & financial independence) – do you think you’d be interested in coming along too?” 18.Write 1:1 script on Invitation Page of SP – or hand them another script “Hey I’m working on something that looks like it’s got heaps of potential and thought you may want to at least know about it and I’d like to run it past you and get your opinion – can I come past tomorrow for half hour and see what you think?”

11 Get-Start 19.Get them on the PHONE making calls – try to confirm at least 2 for FIS and a 1on1 appointment while you’re there. 20.If they’ve signed up before coming to a FIS, and you can book a Get-Start prior to FIS, try to get them to invite someone along with them that they can pick up (100x results with same effort) (2 for the price of one!!)

12 Get-Start: Dreams List Ask Questions: –Was there anything on this list that really stood out for you as you were writing it? –What would be unacceptable on this list not to achieve in your lifetime? –Anything that would be unacceptable not to achieve in the next 3-5 years? You are trying to see what will motivate them – and they are reiterating why they are going to do the business and then easier to get them out of their comfort zone and on the phone to make calls.

13 Get-Start: Names List Analyse the list and find the people you want Get good at asking the right questions “Who the most competitive person you know?” “Who the hardest working – more than one job?” “Who’s the most successful person you know?” “Who currently owns their own business?” “Anyone you know into investing property or shares?” Look for high-calibre people with a track-record for success or stick-ability or hard work ethic Listen to Decide to Get-Good at It If there’s no names list there – so what!! Do it with them!! A small list turns a chicken out of everyone! This is not a one-off process – ongoing at least to ELC (how many times is too much to analyse someone’s list?)

14 Get-Start: Making Calls 1.“Who do you feel most comfortable calling straight away and inviting” (start there) 2.“While I’m here and I’ve got my diary here why don’t we call them now and see if they are free on Tue night otherwise we can organise a 1:1” 3.They Hesitate: “I know it’s a little uncomfortable you making calls infront of me and I don’t want to test you or anything but I’m acting more as a coach, for no other reason than as you eventually start to develop Team 2 and create massive income you will need to know how to coach other people with making calls too. Does that make sense, can you see where I’m coming from?” 4.Get to the better people after they’ve called who they’re most comfortable calling first 5.SMILE and PRAISE

15 Get-Start: Shopping List Ditto 1.Take them through the web-site 2.Check “My Details” are correct – you should’ve already have entered their CC details with net-sponsoring or has Direct Debit been set-up? 3.Show them the ways to order, “everyone always prefers Ditto over Quick order.. What’s the difference?” “let me show you” 4.Open their already set-up ditto and ask them if they’ve started to use their initial product pack. Lead them through it. 5.“are you totally anti vitamins or you willing to try them?” if “positive about supplements” keep them on ditto 6.Start adding things on their Shopping List Ditto and “calculate quantity” and ask them when they are likely need each product 7.Have you given them a product to try, eg XS 8.SUBMIT it!

16 Be Equipped!!! Do you have enough tools? Not just Starting Point CDs, many other follow- up CDs, health CDs/DVDs Do you have Direct Debit Forms? Do you have CEP/WEC forms? Do you have enough starter packs? Have you gone through the process properly yourself? You on Ditto? Proper Names List/Dreams List? Proper Invitation?

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