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Welcome to the 2015-2016 Charles Patterson Middle School Pre-Registration.

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1 Welcome to the 2015-2016 Charles Patterson Middle School Pre-Registration

2  Today at the end of this presentation you will receive a Pre-Registration envelope with  A Parent Information Packet and  A Pre-Registration Packet

3  The Parent Information Packet has all the information to guide you and your parents through the process of the pre- registration.  The packet also includes elective course descriptions.

4  The Pre-Registration packet contains all the forms that need to be filled out completely and returned to your teacher for you to be pre-registered for the 2016 school year.  Your teacher will turn them in to your counselor for processing.

5 Your Choice Sheet

6  Your choice sheet has  A demographic section  Required courses and  Electives courses

7 What are required courses?

8 Required courses are classes you must take in your grade level.

9 What are elective courses?

10 Elective classes are classes that you choose to take depending on your future plans and interests. Grade point average in elective classes is important – choose wisely.  6 th grade – 1 elective required  7 th grade – 2 electives required  8 th grade – 2 electives required

11 What are alternate courses?

12 Some classes that you register for may not be available; alternate classes are classes you take in their place. Alternate courses must be different than the electives you have already selected.

13 Why do I have to register for Alternate Courses?

14 Some classes that you wish to take may be full or the class might not fit into your schedule or you might not be approved for the class due for example missing prerequisites. Therefore, you must select alternate courses to take their place. Be sure to choose three alternate courses.

15 What are Pre-AP courses?

16 Pre-AP courses are advanced courses and it is recommended that you pass your previous class with an 80%.  A Pre-AP class requires a willingness to work with sophisticated concepts (concepts that require higher level thinking skills).  A willingness to work in a rigorous environment.  A willingness to learn and develop successful habits and behavior.

17 What is academic rigor?  Critical thinking and reasoning skills  Problem solving skills  Expecting students to analyze, evaluate, critique, synthesize, communicate, and create new knowledge  Expecting students to manage and direct their own learning

18 TAG students If you are a TAG student, your TAG classes will be automatically scheduled.

19 Athletics Physical for Athletics ( 7 th and 8 th )grade only will have to be turned in one week before the start of school. 8 th graders: If you turned in a physical dated June 1, 2014 or later for 7 th grade, you do not have to turn in another physical.

20  Athletics  7 th and 8 th grade Boys  Will have to play Football  If you do not want to play football,  please do not sign up for Athletics.  Athletics is a full year course.

21 AVID  AVID requires an application and  The application includes an essay  Avid requires that you take at least one Pre-AP class, the program prefers that you take two (2) Pre-AP classes.

22 Sample Choice Sheet on next slide


24 Due Date – April 15, 2015 Elective courses are space available and will be assigned first come, first serve.

25 Even if, you do not get your first choice elective, remember that middle school is all about trying new things. The elective that you get, might just be the right fit for you.

26 For questions, please contact your counselor.

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