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Midway Middle School 7 th Grade Registration 2015-2016.

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1 Midway Middle School 7 th Grade Registration 2015-2016


3 7 th Grade Principal/Counselor Team Mrs. Kelly, 7 th Grade Assistant Principal Mr. Parker, 7 th Grade Counselor

4 7 th Grade Course Selection Sheet:

5 Required Courses English Math Science Texas History

6 REQUIRED COURSES Choose 1 from each of the following areas: Social StudiesScience __ Texas History ____ Science ______Pre-AP History ____ Pre-AP Science English/Language ArtsMathematics ____ English _____ Math ____ Pre-AP English _____ Pre-AP Math _____ Pre-AP Pre-Algebra

7 Pre-AP Class Requirements Pre-AP Math (7 th Grade Math) This is an advanced math class for students who are not ready for 8 th grade math—but are advanced in math. Pre-AP Pre-Algebra (7 th /8 th grade math) Entry into this course will be based on STAAR results, MSTAR results, grades, readiness exam, and teacher recommendation – and receive approval from our Math Instructional Specialist. Pre-AP Science Writing assignments required High Level Math Skills required Science Fair Optional UIL Recommended Pre-AP English Summer Reading required Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen Pre-AP History Independent work required outside of class (critical thinking& in-depth analysis) History Fair Optional UIL Recommended

8 If you decide to take a Pre-AP class, it will involve a heavy homework load and more challenging course material. ___PRE-AP ENGLISH ___PRE-AP HISTORY ___PRE-AP SCIENCE ___PRE-AP MATH (7 TH Grade Math) ___PRE-AP Pre-ALBEGRA (7 th /8 TH Grade Math)

9 PHYSICAL EDUCATION COURSES Choose 1 of the following: ____ Football ____ Girls Volleyball ____ Boys Basketball ____ Girls Basketball ____ Boys Soccer ____ Girls Soccer ____ Boys P.E. ____ Girls P.E. ____Beginning Tennis, Co-Ed ____Off-Campus P.E.

10 ATHLETICS Any student interested in participating in athletics must have a completed pre-participation packet along with a physical on file with the MMS athletic trainer prior to participation. If a student plays more than one sport, select the sport whose season occurs first. A physical is NOT required for P.E. classes or beginning tennis. There will be a designated Saturday in April for physicals to be done at MISD. The tentative date is Saturday, April 25 th.

11 Elective Courses Rank your first 5 choices from the following: (Your schedule will reflect 3 elective courses) ____ Art ____ Theatre _____ Community Outreach (app required) ____ Band _____ Coding ____ Orchestra _____ Principles of Information Technology ____ Choir, Boys (1 HS Credit) ____ Choir, Girls _____ Gateway to Technology (.5 HS Credit) ____ Agriculture Science _____ Speech (non-credit) ____ AVID 6607 (application/interview process) _____ Study Skills (if enr. in 2 or more Pre AP classes)

12 STAAR Important to remember! A STAAR mastery class may be substituted as an elective for 7 th grade students who do not master portions of the 6 th grade STAAR tests.

13 You will be receiving the following materials: blue A blue 7 th grade course selection sheet. The 2015-2016 MMS Course Catalog is now available on the MMS webpage.

14 MMS Course Catalog The catalog can be found on the Midway website.

15 MMS Course Catalog Course Catalog link can be found on the left tab.


17 MMS Course Catalog If you don’t have internet access at home, you can save the course catalog to your iPad. Open the PDF of the course catalog while connected to the internet at school. Save to iBooks – anything in iBooks is accessible without wifi.

18 Complete the form and return to your tutorial teacher by Friday, February 27 th. ______________ ______________ ______ Student Signature Parent Signature Date Please remember to sign your form with your first and last name. In addition, a parent signature and contact phone number are required as well.

19 Registration and Schedule Pick-up Day In August – the date to be determined. Registration forms, computer use forms, and educational goal forms are completed on that day. Parents need to attend to verify current address and contact information. Immunizations must be up-to-date. 7 th grade parents must provide proof of residency.

20 We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

21 Class of 2021 Make good decisions on course selections so that you will have an enjoyable and successful 7 th grade year. Continue to work hard, develop good study habits, and ALWAYS strive to do your very best.

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