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The Highway Transportation System (HTS) Mr. Darling.

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1 The Highway Transportation System (HTS) Mr. Darling

2 Do Now: ► Define Key terms on pg 10 ► Highway Transportation System ► Collision

3 Essential Question 1. How is the HTS regulated, and what can drivers do to keep it moving smoothly?

4 Examples of HTS

5 History of the HTS ► The HTS is only about 100 years old. ► In 1902, only about 23,000 cars were on the road. However, there were more than 17 million horses using the roadways. ► Also, around that time there was only about 150 miles of paved road.

6 History Now ► Now there is about 230 million registered motor vehicles. ► 4 million miles of paved road ► Roads are used for 60% of freight transportation ► 79% of roads are used for personal trips and travel ► 1 st choice of moving people and goods

7 Designing Good Highways ► Early American Roads were built along trails. Most were giving little or no thought of the future. ► Now engineers are carefully designing and thinking of routes that best fit everyone.

8 What goes into the thinking of engineers? ► Bridges ► Exit and entrance ramps ► Traffic signs ► Traffic lights ► Curves (banked, tilted correctly)

9 What types of vehicles travel the HTS? ► Tractor-trailers ► Buses ► Motorcycles ► Mopeds ► Cars ► SUV's ► Trucks

10 Who makes up the HTS? ► HTS is often crowded. At times 194 million drivers are on the roads. ► 55 million pedestrians and bicyclist use the HTS ► With all of this traffic it is inevitable for drivers and pedestrians to make mistakes, and drive recklessly. ► This is why it is important to be able to anticipate and learn to cope with these unsafe practices.

11 How is the HTS regulated? ► Federal, state, and local governments work together to regulate the HTS. ► Federal law established a country wide speed limit of 55 miles per hour. This has recently changed in 1995 and allows states to set their own speed limit. ► State and local police enforce traffic laws and speed limits.

12 Federal and State Requirements ► The national traffic and motor vehicle safety act- requires all cars to have seat belts, shatter proof windows, and correct all recalls. Pg. 12 ► The National Highway Safety Act- must make specific guidelines for state and motor vehicle safety programs. Examples: inspection, registration, drivers license, traffic laws, courts, construction and maintenance. It also allows states to make their on laws like seatbelts, right on red, windshield wipers and headlights.

13 Go Work ► HTS work sheet ► Be ready to answer questions ► Wrap - up ► HW- Question C “Find out more”

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