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Technology | education | networking | leadership ASHRAE Membership Why Wait? Join Today!

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1 technology | education | networking | leadership ASHRAE Membership Why Wait? Join Today!

2 technology | education | networking | leadership Membership = Access Technology The latest and best technical information for the built environment Professional Development Meetings and conferences, certification and education programs Networking Meet your industry peers and create lifelong connections Leadership Give back to an industry that gives so much to its leaders

3 technology | education | networking | leadership 90.1, the US’ first energy standard A strong research program for over 90 years ASHRAE Handbook for leading HVAC&R guidance Online access to reports from 700+ research projects from the last 50 years Recognized standards developer by ANSI Approximately 100 technical committees 120 standards and guidelines ASHRAE HVAC&R Terminology wiki ASHRAE’s Industry Contributions

4 technology | education | networking | leadership The only two widely recognized design standards for IAQ in offices and residences –Standards 62.1 and 62.2 Setting guidance for design/manufacture of air conditioning & refrigeration equipment systems Advanced Energy Design Guide Series –Helps contractors and designers achieve advanced levels of energy efficiency without detailed calculations Research award opportunities for students, PhD recipients & research contractors ASHRAE’s Track Record Includes

5 technology | education | networking | leadership Member –Twelve+ years in the built environment Education, licenses and work experience Associate –Any applicant working in built environment industries Affiliate –Introductory membership for applicants Age 30 and younger New to the built environment industry Student –Students in engineering, architecture, construction or food science academic programs Membership Options

6 technology | education | networking | leadership What does membership include? Membership Benefits New Member New Associate New Affiliate New Student Developing Economies Annual Fee$190 $50 (yr 1), $70 (yr 2), $90 (yr 3) $20$90 ASHRAE Handbook Yes 20% off of list price first year $49 print $39 CD Yes CD only ASHRAE Handbook Online Yes 1 year $49 Yes 1 year Publications Discounts Yes Education & Certification Discounts Yes

7 technology | education | networking | leadership ASHRAE has 176 chapters globally –Members on every continent Local monthly educational/technical programs for members Work together, share ideas, advance the standards of practice to improve the built environment Meet other professionals in the industry An array of social opportunities (leadership events, golf tournaments, etc) The Power of ASHRAE Chapters

8 technology | education | networking | leadership Why Our Members Joined Marites Calad, Vice President of Sales I joined ASHRAE for networking, professional and leadership development. ASHRAE provides to its members technical sources to further their knowledge in HVAC&R and be current with codes. ASHRAE volunteer program have allowed me to hold chapter, region and Society positions that have given me experience working with people of different backgrounds, which is very nurturing. Douglas Fick, Consulting Engineer As a graduate engineer I quickly learned ASHRAE was the best place to learn the current technologies, techniques and to develop my leadership skills. These skills have proved invaluable in my current position as a registered engineer leading a multi-disciplinary design firm while maintaining my knowledge of cutting-edge technologies. Jason Alphonso, Contractor/Consulting Engineer ASHRAE is the sole reason I am in this industry. It is undoubtedly the best thing that happened to my career. My ASHRAE friends are also my business contacts and there is a certain joy in doing business with friends. I use ASHRAE's technical offerings everyday. ASHRAE's certifications validate my knowledge and professional experience, truly setting me apart.

9 technology | education | networking | leadership Learn More Join Join online: Membership Information: Learn More About Our Products Products: Certification: Conferences: Education: Chapters Contact your local chapter : groups/chapters Contact Us Communicate with your member contact specialist today! Email: Phone: (800) 5-ASHRAE US/CAN, (404) 636-8400 International

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