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Membership Promotion (MP) RECRUITMENT. Who? Professionals in the following industries should join… Consulting engineering Design build and architecture.

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1 Membership Promotion (MP) RECRUITMENT

2 Who? Professionals in the following industries should join… Consulting engineering Design build and architecture Manufacturing Environmental health Indoor air quality Energy Food technologists Construction management Students Contractors Instructors/professors/university physical plant staff Building owners, operators and developers HVAC&R sales representatives

3 Networking with industry leaders Access to the latest and best technologies Support the industry that provides livelihood Receive a bounty of member benefits Continuing education and certification Why? Why should built environment professionals join?

4 Chapters should have a balanced membership of industry representation –Unbalanced chapters can lead to apathy amongst an unrepresented group Set goals to grow membership Recruiters should have a positive testimonial to share about why they are a member ASHRAE Chapters What is the chapter’s role in recruitment?

5 Tailor programs to meet needs of target audience –Work in tandem with CTTC, not in silos Have BOG members from your target audience Encourage joint meetings with allied associations –USGBC, AIA, AEE, Etc. Promote company support of membership Reward companies who support membership Schedule two MP nights early – get on calendar! Recruitment Tools Tips for creating successful recruitment programs

6 Money: how does ASHRAE help them make money? Jobs: how does ASHRAE help them a job? Technology: how does ASHRAE deliver technology? Education: how does ASHRAE help them learn? Networking: how does ASHRAE help them build a network? Fun: how does ASHRAE make being in the industry fun? Recognition: how does ASHRAE recognize them? Remember What Motivates What motivates potential members and what recruiters need to know

7 Always have your display of membership materials –Applications/Brochures –Computer for people to join and renew Member pins: only $3 in the merchandise store –Pin your new members right away! Create a chapter incentive for your current members who recruit members –Gift card to Starbuck’s/other local favorite coffee shop –ASHRAE logo item Ask staff – when you have a membership night coming up, give us a call – be sure you are prepared! MP Toolkit What tangible items do MP Chairs need to effectively recruit?

8 Always be prepared to promote ASHRAE: –At every chapter meeting –At industry events/meetings –To employers/companies Offer a welcoming smile and a handshake –If people aren’t comfortable, they won’t return! Recognize new members and visitors Memorize your membership testimonial MP Toolkit, Continued What are the intangible items I should have in my toolkit?

9 Hold the first membership promotion by November Have a recruitment goal Offer an incentive for new members Recognize existing members and guests Recognize companies who support membership Toolkit tangible and intangible, (slides 7 & 8) Show Sustaining Momentum video (on your stick) Follow up within 2 days with visitors/new members Membership Promotion Night What will help me have successful MP nights?

10 Membership reinstatement –Former members who want to keep election date –Pay back dues –Email Membership rejoin –Former members who want to rejoin with new date –No back dues –Logon to, and ‘Join ASHRAE’ Student membership –Builds the future of the industry, Society and chapter ASHRAE offers a special dues rate for members residing in developing economies (World Bank) Membership Programs What membership offerings will I need to know when recruiting?

11 Affiliate, Associate or Member age 35 and younger Educational and leadership opportunities Resources including: –Young member spotlights –Mentoring programs –Recommended chapter programs –Facebook presence with regular updatesFacebook –Society conference events –Leadership weekend –LeadershipU – shadowing ASHRAE board members –New Faces of Engineering for ASHRAE (EWeek) YEA Institute What is it and what programs does it offer?

12 They need to select your chapter as preferred –Assignment will default by postal code or by country otherwise MP Chairs will receive an email for all new members Follow up on any new members not on roster Associate members who wish to advance to Member –Update member bio with education, work experience and licensesmember bio –Email New member email notification from the Society president Member packet with card/certificate in 4-6 weeks They’ve Joined, Now What? What do you need to do after you recruit a member?

13 Group Discussion Membership Recruitment All of the MP training materials can be found on the blog at: Staff Support You have two staff contacts at ASHRAE Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, USA. They are: Daniel Gurley, Manager of Membership Email address: Phone: (678) 539-1127 Rhiannon Loomis, Asst Manager of Membership Email address: Phone: (678) 539-1178 What questions do you have?

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