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Achieving Greater Satisfaction in Your Neuroscience Nursing Career.

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1 Achieving Greater Satisfaction in Your Neuroscience Nursing Career

2 Why Join a Professional Society Engaging in your wider professional community will advance your career and the profession through: Exposure to essential learning and compelling experiences; Guidance in career planning and change management; Enhancement of your on-the-job relationships and development of your leadership skills.

3 American Association of Neuroscience Nurses Founded in 1968. Works for the highest standards of care for neuroscience patients by advancing the science and practice of neuroscience nursing. Sets the standards through publication of its bimonthly peer-reviewed JNN, the Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing, and the Scope and Standards for Neuroscience Nursing Practice.

4 American Association of Neuroscience Nurses Dynamic network of peers and experts at the local, state, national, and international level. Peers who share your enjoyment of the complexity and intellectual challenge of neuroscience nursing.

5 Benefits of Membership Subscriptions to the associations print and electronic media: the Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, AANNs peer-reviewed bimonthly journal the Synapse, AANNs bimonthly newsletter the AANN Virtual Community, an exclusive member Web site e-mail discussion lists, clinically-focused listservs for easy networking

6 Benefits of Membership Access to peers at the local, national, and international level through the AANN Annual Meeting, held in the Spring Special Focus Groups, clinically-focus networking AANN affiliations – the chapter network, volunteer opportunities electronic vehicles – online membership directory, bulletin boards, e-mail discussion lists membership in the World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses

7 Benefits of Membership Access to recognition opportunities such as a discounted rate to sit for the Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse (CNRN) exam the AANN Awards Program recognizing professional distinction professional development awards offered through the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation

8 Benefits Recap As a valued member of the AANN professional community, you receive information about your profession; access to your colleagues; recognition of your achievements through a wide variety of benefits and association programs; early notification about and discounts on the powerful resources AANN offers.

9 The CNRN Edge The Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse (CNRN) credential represents specialized experience and knowledge in the care of patients with neurological trauma and illness. With the first exam offered in 1978, today approximately 2,000 neuroscience nurses have earned and maintain the credential. Administered by ABNN.

10 The CNRN Edge The CNRN credential assists your patients, peers, and hospital administrators in recognizing your unique abilities in caring for a very special patient population. AANN members receive a discounted rate to sit for the CNRN examination as well as discounts on continuing education offerings counting towards recertification.

11 Professional Development and Research AANN and the Neuroscience Nursing Foundation (NNF) work in concert to promote the art and science of neuroscience nursing. In 1993 AANN established the foundation to generate and maintain a funding base to support neuroscience nursing education and research. NNF programs assist neuroscience nurses through educational scholarships and travel grants to attend the AANN annual meeting as well support of research studies on a wide variety of neuroscience nursing-related topics.

12 Visit Engage yourself in the professional community for neuroscience nurses by joining AANN today. For more information on AANN contact our offices at: 888/557-2266 847/375-4733

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