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 Ahmedov Dilmurod  School #8  Samarkand region.

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1  Ahmedov Dilmurod  School #8  Samarkand region


3 Autu mn Winter Spring Summe r

4 Autumn DDDDescribe autumn, uuuusing the words: WWWWarm CCCCool RRRRainy WWWWindy CCCCloudy CCCChangeable WWWWeather RRRRain LLLLeaves BBBBonfire SSSSeptember

5 Find autumn words Novembertree bonfirewindclo udskiteleavesr ain Novembertree bonfirewindclo udskiteleavesr ain NNNNovember TTTTree BBBBonfire WWWWind CCCClouds KKKKite LLLLeaves RRRRain

6 Complete. Then put the letters into the correct boxes and find the autumn word.  C _ o u d s  T r e _  _ u t u m n  N o _ e m b e r  K I t _  _ e p t e m b e r  Autumn word  L _ _ _ _ _ l A v e e S eaves

7 Winter DDDDescribe winter, using the words: CCCCold IIIIcy SSSSnowy FFFFrosty SSSSledge SSSSki SSSSkate PPPPlay snowballs MMMMake a snowman PPPPlay hockey NNNNew Year CCCChristmas

8 Write the letters in the correct order.  N a m w o n s  L l a b w o n s  E k a l f w o n s  S e t a k s e c I  Y r a u n a j  R e b m e c e d  T e r w i n S n o w m a n S n o w b a l l S n o w f l a k e I c e s k a t e s J a n u a r y D e c e m b e r W i n t e r

9 Match. Match.  1.The trees in the picture …  2.The snow on the ground…  3.The children on the ice…  4.The children near the snowman…  5.The snowman has got… a) haven’t got leaves.  a) haven’t got leaves.  b) have got ice skates.  c) black eyes.  d) is very white.  e) have got snowballs.

10 Spring DDDDescribe spring, using the words: WWWWarm BBBBright CCCCool SSSSunny RRRRainy CCCChangeable GGGGreen leaves MMMMarch

11 Write questions for the answers.  1) Yes, it’s windy today.  2) It’s cloudy and rainy.  3) Green.  4) Spring. Is a windy today ? What is the weather like? What colour are the trees in spring? What season is it?

12 Prepositions of time. Complete. in, on, at  … spring  … Monday  … the middle of April  … the end of spring  … 10 th May  … March  … the beginning of spring in on in at on in at

13 Summer DDDDescribe summer, using the words: HHHHot SSSSunny BBBBright PPPPlay beach volleyball TTTTan DDDDive SSSSurfboard HHHHave a picnic LLLLive in a tent SSSSummer holidays

14 Word groups Find the odd one out.  1 autumn, spring, summer, weather  2 rainy, noisy, snowy, windy  3 beach, surfboard, snowflake, boat  4 golden, brown, yellow, leaf 1 autumn, spring, summer summer 2 rainy, snowy, windy windy 3 beach, surfboard, boat boat 4 golden, brown, yellow yellow

15 What is the weather like in your area? Complete the sentences 1111) It’s sunny in…. 2222) It’s cold in… 3333) It’ rainy in… 4444) It’s snowy in… 5555) It’s hot in… spring winter autumn winter summer

16 Complete the sentences.  1) …. is the third month of the year.  2) …. is the second month of the year.  3) …. is the first month of the year.  4) …. is the eighth month of the year.  5) …. is the eleventh month of the year.  6) …. is the twelfth month of the year. Mar ch Februar y Janu ary Augu st Novem ber Decem ber

17 Complete the sentences.  1) May is the …. month of the year.  2) July is the …. month of the year.  3) August is the …. month of the year.  4) October is the …. month of the year.  5) December is the …. month of the year. f i f t h s e v e n t h e i g h t h t e n t h t w e l f t h

18 Seasons

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