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SEASONS SEASONS and the weather SEASONS and the weather..

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2 SEASONS SEASONS and the weather SEASONS and the weather..

3 The motto: “We should be thankful together Whatever the weather”

4 Pronunciation drill [ t ] – terrible, hot, melt, frost, hate, autumn; [ d ] – dry, cold, cloud, cloudy; [ s ] – snow, snowy, sunny, spring, season, summer; [ w ] – weather, wet, windy, warm, winter.

5 Thirty days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have thirty-one, Excepting February alone, Which has but twenty-eight days clear, And twenty-nine in each leap year.

6 This is the season, When children ski And Grandfather Frost Brings the New Year Tree.

7 Winter Is it warm or cold in winter? Is it windy and frosty in winter? Does it snow in winter? Do you skate and ski in winter? Do you play hockey in winter? What are winter months?

8 This is the season, When snowdrops bloom, When nobody likes To stay in the room. This is the season, When birds make their nests, This is the season, We all like best.

9 Spring Is it warm or frosty in spring? Is it sunny in spring? Does it melt in spring? Is it rainy in spring? Do you play football in spring? What are spring months?

10 This is the season, When nights are short, And children have plenty Of fun and sport. Boating, swimming All the day, With a merry song On a sunny day.

11 Summer Is it cold or hot in summer? Is it sunny in summer? Is it sometimes rainy in summer? Do you cycle in summer? Do you swim in the river? What are summer months?

12 This is the season, When fruit is sweet. This is the season, When school-friends meet.

13 Autumn Is it cool or hot in autumn? Is it foggy in autumn? Is it sometimes cloudy and rainy in autumn? Do you cycle in autumn? Do you swim in autumn? What are autumn months?

14 Listen to the poem “Twelve Months” Say what every month brings us January February March April May JuneJuly August September October November December JuneJune JulyJuly

15 No winds, no rains, No chill and complaints. A perfect weather, it is true, I like this lovely morning too.

16 Reading Seasons.

17 Write down sentences, using these words. January, spring, four, twelve, February, October, August, winter A year has _____________ seasons. There are _____________months in a year. The first month of the year is __________________. __________________ has 28 or 29 days. __________________ comes after autumn. Autumn months are September, ____________, November. _______________ is summer month. May is ________________ month.

18 Dialogues P1. What is your favourite season, Ann? P2. My favourite season is winter. I can skate, ski, play snowballs and sledge. I think that winter is a beautiful season. Forests and fields are white with snow. P1. And what about spring? Do you like it? P2. Oh, yes, I like it very much too. The leaves are small and green. It’s warm in spring. The sun is not very hot. Well, I think all the seasons are beautiful.

19 My Favourite Season

20 English proverbs : April weather, Rain and sunshine both together. То дощ, то сонце. Every thing is good in its season. Всьому свій час. April showers bring May flowers. У квітні дощі – травні квіти. There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. Немає поганої погоди, є поганий одяг A tree is known by its fruit. A snow year, a rich year Christmas comes but once a year Яблуко від яблуні недалеко падає. Багато снігу- багато хлібу

21 Jingle Bells Dashing through the snow On a one-horse open sleigh, Over the fields we go, Laughing all the way; Bells on bob-tail ring, Making spirits bright, What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight, Oh!.. Refrain: Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way! O what fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh

22 Winter Describe winter, using the words: Cold Icy Snowy Frosty Sledge Ski Skate Play snowballs Make a snowman Play hockey New Year Christmas

23 When the weather is wet, we must not fret, When the weather is cold, we must not scold. When the weather is warm, we must not storm, But be thankful together whatever the weather.


25 Dashing through the snow In a one-horse open sleigh Over the fields we go Laughing all the way. Bells on bob-tail ring Making spirits bright, What fun it is to ride and sing A sleighing song tonight! Jingle bells, jingle bells! Jingle all the way Oh! What fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh! Let’s sing a song!


27 Word groups Find the odd one out. 1 autumn, spring, summer, weather 2 rainy, noisy, snowy, windy 3 beach, surfboard, snowflake, boat 4 golden, brown, yellow, leaf 1 autumn, spring, summer summer 2 rainy, snowy, windy windy 3 beach, surfboard, boat boat 4 golden, brown, yellow yellow

28 Write questions for the answers. 1) Yes, it’s windy today. 2) It’s cloudy and rainy. 3) Green. 4) Spring. Is a windy today ? What is the weather like? What colour are the trees in spring? What season is it?

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