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PowerPoint Presentation #1 By: Ashton L. Hatfield

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1 PowerPoint Presentation #1 By: Ashton L. Hatfield
About Me! PowerPoint Presentation #1 By: Ashton L. Hatfield

2 This is me: Ashton L. Hatfield

3 My Family My mother works at the University of South Carolina.
I have one older sister, Kristin, who is 26 years old and a Nurse at Baptist Hospital in Columbia, SC. My father works for the FedEx company as a delivery man, and my stepmother works at Consolidated Systems Incorporated. Ashton L. Hatfield

4 High School Education I attended Grace Christian School in West Columbia, SC from kindergarten through 12th grade. I graduated in 2005 along with my class of only 15 students. I was very active in sports (playing on the girls varsity volleyball team from 7th-12thgrade, varsity basketball team from 7th-12th grade, and varsity soccer team from 10th-12th grade), as well as being a member of our school choir and mixed ensemble.

5 College Education I am attending North Greenville University in Tigerville, SC I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. Ashton L. Hatfield

6 Church I grew up going to Grace Baptist Church in West Columbia, SC pastored by Dr. Bob Kelley, who has been there for 25 years. The high school I attended (GCS) is a ministry of GBC. I was very active in the youth group, as well as children’s ministries such as “Junior Church,” “Beginner Church,” and the church nursery. Ashton L. Hatfield

7 Ashton L. Hatfield

8 Kirkwood Camp & Conference Center
For the past two summers, I have worked at a summer camp in Wilmington, Ohio (30 minutes outside of Cincinnati). My “technical” position is a lifeguard, but I also work in the kitchen preparing meals for all the campers; cleaning cabins after the camps leave; and doing grounds work (i.e. – cutting grass, weed eating, building outdoor chapels, etc...) I am, for the most part, part of our summer staff, but I also am able to counsel for some of the camps that come in.

9 Kirkwood: “Church in the Woods”
Ashton L. Hatfield

10 Hobbies/Interests I love to play sports (especially basketball).
I am also a huge Tennessee Lady Vols basketball fan. Photography – I enjoy taking photographs as well as scrap booking, etc... I enjoy listening to all kinds of music (Jazz, Country, Rock, “Oldies”) I love to read! My favorite book is Where the Heart Is. Ashton L. Hatfield

11 Hobbies/Interests I love to watch Carolina Football and Baseball.
I absolutely LOVE anything and everything to do with Elvis Presley! I enjoy being with my family and friends most of all. Ashton L. Hatfield

12 Ashton L. Hatfield

13 Future Goals As any girl does, I would love to be married and raise a family in the near future. My desire is to work with children in any way, shape, or form possible. Although I am not sure if teaching is something I would like to make a career out of, I do know that it is something I want to incorporate in my life. Ashton L. Hatfield

14 Ashton L. Hatfield

15 Ashton L. Hatfield

16 Ashton L. Hatfield

17 Ashton L. Hatfield

18 Ashton L. Hatfield

19 Ashton L. Hatfield

20 Ashton L. Hatfield

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