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About Me Abby Peacock.

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1 About Me Abby Peacock

2 Where am I from? I am from Senoia, Georgia a small town south of Atlanta The town is named after Princess Senoia of the Creek Indians I have lived in Senoia since I was two years old Abby Peacock

3 Who’s in the family? I live with my mom, dad, brother and dog
Mom, Dad, & Me I live with my mom, dad, brother and dog My mom is Shirley, 52 My dad is Randy, 53 My brother Bradley, 22 My dog Lucky Louie, 8 My mom and brother Abby Peacock

4 Where did I go to School? Elementary –Eastside Elementary
Middle School-East Coweta Middle High School-East Coweta High Right now I am a sophomore at North Greenville University pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education

5 What do I do for fun? Since the beginning of high school I have been a part of marching band and winter guard This is my favorite activity and I still participate in band at North Greenville Visit winterguard international site to find out more information: ALL LINKS SHOULD BE EMBEDDED. Also you can find out about winterguards in the Southeast by going to Abby Peacock

6 What do I do for fun? I spend most of time watching guard videos
Also practicing my rifle, sabre, and flag I think it is so much fun and it makes me happy NGU Colorguard Abby Peacock

7 What do I do for fun? I also love to watch television Read books
I love to volunteer- right now I am part of an impact team doing children’s ministry and also I help at an after school program Abby Peacock

8 What else do I Like? I love to travel
I have been all around the United States and also to Canada This Spring Break I will be going out of the country for the first time to South Africa My Friend Lauren and I at Niagara Falls Abby Peacock

9 How about my church? I attend East Newnan Baptist Church
My family and I joined this church when I was fourteen During high school I was an active member of the youth group And now I am a member of the college and career class Abby Peacock

10 How about my church? While at school I attend Temple Baptist Church
I am an active member of the college and career class THIS IS TEMPLE in TEXAS? Abby Peacock

11 What are my college activities?
I have many clubs and activities which I love to do while I am at North Greenville BSU Impact Team Women on Mission Chi Alpha Kappa Marching Band Abby Peacock

12 What are my goals? I plan to graduate from North Greenville University with a degree in Early Childhood Education I want to work as a first grade teacher in the public school system I also hope to pursue a master’s degree in education Abby Peacock

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