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“This presentation is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into a contract or agreement.”

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1 “This presentation is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into a contract or agreement.”

2 Oracle XML Publisher Enterprise Reporting and Delivery

3 A New Look For Your Business

4 DeploymentOptions

5 Flexible Deployment Options… XMLP for E-Business Suite XMLP for Peoplesoft XMLP for J.D. Edwards XMLP Enterprise XMLP Embedded

6 XML Publisher for Applications Fusion Technology … Integrated Within Your Application  XMLP for Oracle E-Business Suite –All 11i releases –Integrated with Concurrent Manager –Tightly integrated with all Applications Modules –Central Repository for managing Data / Layout –Translation & configuration management  XMLP for Peoplesoft Enterprise 2006 –Integrated with Process Scheduler / Report Manager –Publish Peoplesoft Queries and Row Sets –Report bursting –Security join tables –Template Manager with effective dates support  XMLP for J.D. Edwards Enterprise 2006 –Integrated with EOne Queries –Support Queries save through data browser –Row and business unit security

7 XML Publisher Standalone Many Options … One Powerful Engine!  XMLP Embedded: Custom Development –Powerful formatting engines –High Performance data extraction engine –Batch processing, and Bursting –Delivery API for email, fax, printing, ftp, AS2, etc… –Based on Open Standards: Java, XML, XSL, FO, RTF, PDF  XMLP Enterprise v1: Interactive Reporting –Easy and fast deployment –Any J2EE container –Configure Repository on XMLDB or File System –Data from Multiple DBs in the same Report (Oracle, DB2..) –Multiple Output Formats / Multiple delivery options  XMLP Enterprise V2: Advanced Reporting Solution 2006 –Fusion Architecture, Hot-Pluggable Services –Document Repository, Scheduling, Archiving –Database and Application Server independent –Very advance Security and Administrative options –Integration: Java, Web Services, BPEL, Standard Portlets

8 XML Publisher Desktop  Functional Users Tools Functional user can create report layouts using familiar desktop applications –Template Builder for Microsoft Word –Template Builder for Microsoft EXCEL –Template Builder for Adobe Acrobat –Online Template Builder  Developers / Consultants / IT department Tools Create data sources, define data sets and reports using expert tools –XMLP Builder –XMLP Viewer / Debugger Same tools for all deployment options

9 XML Publisher Enterprise

10 Installation  Server side Install –Packaged with OC4J  Out of the box install with OC4J via OUI –WAR file for all J2EE containers  Available for install on any application server  Client Side Install –Template Builder for Word ­RTF template builder –XML Publisher report definition wizard –Template Viewer / Debugger

11 Security  Packaged with LDAP implementation (XML) –Simple and Easy Deployment –Demos, Evaluation, Development  Configure it to work with Company LDAP –Oracle OID, OpenLDAP … –Any other LDAP implementation  JNDI interface to any custom solution –Implement JNDI interface for any custom security solution  Configure to work with SSO

12 Reports & Folders Two solutions for customers to manage folders and reports –File System  Simple and Easy Deployment  Demos, Evaluation, Development –Oracle DB  Utilizing XML DB Repository  Webdav interface to manage content

13 Administration

14 Administration  Centralized Online Administration –Data Connections  Create connections to multiple databases  Oracle, MS SQL, DB2… –Users and Roles  Create roles and assign reports –Delivery Configuration  Email, FAX, Print, WebDAV –Scheduling Management  Manage jobs, schedules, etc

15 Administration - Users and Roles  Create role hierarchies and assign to users

16 Administration – Delivery Setup

17 Development

18 Development  Report Definitions –Online Rich Client Development Environment –Connect to Multiple databases in the same report  Oracle, DB2, …  Query Builder –Multiple Data sources in a single report  Multiple DBs, Web Services, URL, Data template…  Layout Templates –Plug-in to MSWord  Connectivity to server to deploy templates  Simple Report Builder Wizard –Adobe Acrobat  Desktop Template Viewer, Debugger

19 Development – Online Report Builder

20 Development – Layout Templates

21 Development – Layout and Report Wizards

22 End User

23 End Users  Folders / Reports Navigation  Schedule Reports & Deliver  Report History, Manage Jobs  Interactive Reports –Multiple Templates –Online Analysis –Excel Analysis –Personalized Templates

24 End User - Login Integration with LDAP User assigned roles

25 End User – Reports Access Folders are secured based on Roles Reports are organized in folders

26 End User – Interactive Execution

27 End User – Scheduled Execution  Parameter entry  Job completion notification  Schedule times  Multiple delivery destinations –Email –Printer –Fax –Web Folder –FTP –HTTP

28 End User – Interactive Features Change Template Locale Output Format View Report Export report Deliver Report Online data Analysis Excel Data Analysis Schedule Report Monitor report jobs Navigation Breadcrumbs Cascading parameters

29 End User – Template, Locale and Format User can change –Layout –Output formats –Locale

30 End User – Online Analysis User can analyze data  Online Rich Client pivot table builder  Drag an Drop  On the fly –Dimensions –Measures  Smart Caching  Fast Results  No DB Load

31 End User – Excel Analysis User can analyze data from Excel –Export to Excel –Parameters Toolbar –Offline Analysis –Connect to refresh –Share with others –Company Folders –Same Security –Auto-Install –Live update

32 XML Publisher Features  Built on Standards  Platform Independent  High performance reporting engine  High volume / advanced printing support  Advanced support for multiple languages  Communicate in multiple formats: PDF, XML, EDI  Report from multiple Databases (Oracle, DB2, etc)  Familiar report design interface  Multiple delivery options

33 A Q & Q U E S T I O N S A N S W E R S

34 “This presentation is for informational purposes only and may not be incorporated into a contract or agreement.”

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