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Enterprise Reporting with Reporting Services SQL Server 2005 Donald Farmer Group Program Manager Microsoft Corporation.

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1 Enterprise Reporting with Reporting Services SQL Server 2005 Donald Farmer Group Program Manager Microsoft Corporation

2 Agenda  Reporting Services Overview  Report Builder Demo  Architecture  Report Management Demo  Managing Reporting Services  Scheduling  Logging  Security  scalability  Summary

3 Reporting Services Enhanced Reporting Capabilities  Scalable Server  Rich, Enterprise Reporting Platform (static and interactive)  Multiple data sources with multiple delivery options  Scalable, manageable and embeddable Web Services architecture  Scheduling, Snapshots, Caching, more…  Advanced Authoring Tools  Visual Studio IDE  XML specification (RDL)  3rd party extensibility  End-user, Ad Hoc Reporting  Strong Management Story  SOAP Web Service APIs  Report Manager portal  Extensible security model  Integration with AS, IS, management tools

4 Report Builder  Extending the Reach of Reporting Services  Ad Hoc Reporting for the End-User  1-Click Install  With Report Builder:  Report off a Business Model  Modify a Report  Build a New Report  Report on Relational or OLAP data

5 Reporting Models  Paradigm: Build Once : Query Many  Empowers users to create their own reports  End-user reports can be further edited & extended in BI Development Studio by professional report developers  Provide easy data navigation with drill- through relations  Mask relational and OLAP schema complexity  Present data in familiar business terms

6 Report Builder

7 Architecture SQL Server Catalog Report Server Programmatic Interfaces Delivery Delivery Channels (E-mail, SharePoint, Custom) Security Services (NT, Passport, Custom) Security Data Processing Data Sources (SQL, OLE DB, XML/A, ODBC, Oracle, Custom) Rendering Output Formats (HTML, Excel, TIFF, Custom) Browser Web UI Report Processing Office Custom App Builder Report Model

8 Management Tools  SQL Server 2005 Management Studio  Superset of Report Manager functionality  Report Manager  Web-based viewing and management application  Reporting Services Configuration Tool  Windows-based tool for local or remote configuration of service  Client Utilities  Script Host  Encryption Key Management  Custom Applications

9 Reporting Services 2005 Configuration Tool

10 Configuration Tool Features  Virtual Directories  Supports non-default Web sites  Service Identities  Database Settings  Creation and Upgrade  Scripts can be saved to be applied later  Key Management  Scale-out Initialization  Does not sync settings across machines  E-mail Delivery Settings  Execution Account

11 Role-Based Security Model Item RoleAssignment Group or User Role Task Operation  Tasks  Sets of low-level operations  Item-level (e.g., create report) or system-level (e.g., manage jobs)  Not customizable  Roles  Sets of tasks  Default roles installed by default (browser, publisher)  Default roles can be customized, new ones created  Roles identified by name, localized  Groups/Users  Windows/Active Directory or custom authentication users  Role Assignments  Associates groups/users with Roles  Inherited from parent in namespace

12 Managing Report Execution  Configure cache and snapshots via Report Manager or SQL Management Studio  Set execution timeouts on a system-wide or per- report basis  Long running reports can be stopped manually  Report Execution Log enables analysis of server usage  Optionally, executions are logged to Report Server database  Includes report, format, user, start, end, cache hit, size  Setup includes SSIS package and sample reports

13 Scheduling  Management events can be scheduled on the report server  Caching, Subscriptions, History  Schedules are stored in database and integrated with SQL Agent  When triggered, Agent adds entry to queue  Scheduled events are queued in database and polled by Windows service

14 Logging and Monitoring  Performance Monitoring  Counters for performance  Report Execution for analysis  Event Log Integration  Critical events and errors  Trace Events  Can traces all server activities, response times, security events  Detail level depends on configuration setting

15 Data Sources Flat Files, OLE DB, ODBC Oracle SQL Server DB2 Clients Reporting Services Scale Out Deployment Windows Server SQL Server Report Metadata and Cache Failover Cluster NLB Report Server Windows Server IIS SQL Server Report Server Windows Server IIS Report Server Windows Server IIS Scale-Out Deployment

16 Scale-Out Setup  Run setup (files only) to install first report server instance  Run setup (files only) to install second report server instance  Use configuration tool to create report server database and configure first report server instance  Use configuration tool to configure second report server instance  Install and configure load balancing functionality (NLB, switch)

17 Data Encryption  When data source connections and credentials are stored, they are encrypted in Report Server database  Stored symmetric key encrypted with instance-based private key  In SQL Server 2005, only Windows service has encryption / decryption logic  Shared by all machines in scale-out deployment  Restore key when machine name, installation or Windows service account changes  Manage keys with RSKEYMGMT or Configuration Tool  Extract a copy of the encryption key  Apply stored encryption key  Remove encrypted data on machine  Always backup your symmetric key!

18 Summary  SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services…  Builds on SQL Server 2000 version with core product enhancements and cross- product integration  Improves developer productivity through Visual Studio integration and report controls  Enables ad hoc report creation by end users through new Report Builder client

19 For More Information  Reporting Services TechCenter  ies/ssrsvcs.mspx ies/ssrsvcs.mspx ies/ssrsvcs.mspx  Developer Center    SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Forum: ?ForumID=82 ?ForumID=82   Course 2030: Creating Reporting Solutions: l.asp l.asp  Project Real   On-demand Webcasts 

20 © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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