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SQL Server Reporting Services

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1 SQL Server Reporting Services
“using SSRS with Maximizer” by Paul Battaini

2 Agenda What are Reporting Services? Pros & Cons Requirements and Setup
Report Creation Methods Deployment Options Report Examples - Demo General Q&A

3 What are Reporting Services?
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services accelerates report creation, facilitates sharing and collaboration, and provides a complete platform to enable organizations to deliver relevant information across the entire enterprise. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based report generation software system. It can be used to prepare and deliver a variety of interactive and printed reports. It is accessible and administered via a web interface. Included in Developer, Standard, and Enterprise editions of MS SQL Server Reports are created in RDL (and XML based format) Reports can be generated out to many MS document formats or directly to a browser screen, PDF and Image format Design Tools are included with SQL install or licenced under the SQL EULA Report Builder 3.0 (downloadable) SQL Server BI Development Studio

4 SSRS Integration Maximizer Web Access Maximizer Desktop
This integration creates a number of default reports that users can access from the Reports page in Maximizer Web Access. Reporting Services is installed with Maximizer, allowing users to access reports hosted by SQL Server Reporting Services through the Reports menu in Maximizer.

5 SSRS – The good and the bad
Pros Cons Easy to use design tools but can also develop complex reports Advanced data layouts such as combined table and graphical view (Tablix) User level report subscriptions User access to report design using Models and Part Gallery Integrate with SharePoint Services Additional install steps for SQL and Maximizer Cannot run a report against the current list – better for analytical style reports or when using user prompts Less pre-created reports than Crystal Reports

6 Requirements - SSRS SQL Server
Standard Edition or above can have Report Services on a separate service/instance to the databases Express Edition must run Advanced Services version and existing on the same server as the databases

7 Requirements Maximizer SSRS Integration
Maximizer Web Access Maximizer Desktop Integration with SQL Server Reporting Services works only with SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 or later. Integration with SQL Server Reporting Services works with SQL Server A Microsoft Report Viewer for SQL Server

8 Setup SSRS RS Integration
Choose the Reporting feature within the instance install/update screen for SQL Server Choose the SSMSE BI add-on from the Shared Components screen OR Download and install Report Builder 3.0 from MS website Choose the “Install SQL Reporting Services Integration” from the CRM12 Server DVD Confirm RS URL and Web Access URL are correct and accessible

9 Creation Methods Open prefered Design Tool Create a DSN connection
Create a DataSet In RB Use the Wizards to bring in various fields to the desired report element Drop fields onto the Report surface In BI for VS Create a new Report object Use the Toolbox to place objects into Design View Associate the objects to your Dataset Use Object and Dataset properties to add functionality such as filters, grouping, sorting and parameters

10 Deployment Methods BI for VS Report Builder
Can Publish the entire project to the Report Server or just selected elements Shared DataSource and DataSets will be Published to their default locations on the Server Will be aware of your Report Server Choosing to Save your Report will save it to the Server

11 Report Examples live demo …

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