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Company & Solution Overview. What are Binary Options? A binary option is a type of exotic option where the payoff is either a fixed.

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1 Company & Solution Overview

2 What are Binary Options? A binary option is a type of exotic option where the payoff is either a fixed amount or nothing Simple and transparent trading instrument, no leverage Traded online mainly by retail customers Variety of assets - FX, commodities, indices and stocks Short term intraday options Traded as an OTC product and as an Exchange Listed product BINARY OPTIONS IS A NATURAL EXTENSION FOR RETAIL TRADING PRODUCTS

3 Trends in the Binary Options Market * Excerpt from Forex Magnates Quarterly Market Report – Q1 2013 Binary Option trading volumes growing 10-20% per month* ~150 brokers worldwide offering Binary Options regulation is driving the industry $1bn estimated global monthly retail volumes

4 The Binary Options opportunity “Binary Options offers brokers higher margins than FX was offering 5 years ago” Income per account (lifetime)$2,986 Average margin per account 7.48% Average life time deposit$4,338 Trading volume per account per month$6,437 Average account lifespan6.2 months Average first time deposit$478 These statistics were gathered during the years of 2011-2012 from all brokers who use MarketsPulse

5 MarketsPulse: Our company

6 MarketsPulse: Some of our clients and regulatory markets

7 MarketsPulse: Solutions Suite Venture Solution  Aimed at new entrants or large firms looking to try the market  Quick time to market with full control over the trading platform  High levels of service including dedicated account management and 24/6 support Enterprise Solution  The only choice for large brokers looking to launch their own binary options brand  Fully customized solution from bespoke website design with unique features, installed on your servers  Includes complete integration of data feeds, payment providers, CRM, MT4 Shared Wallet and more MarketsPulse has two solutions to choose from depending on your specific needs

8 MarketsPulse: Solutions Suite Venture Solution Quick time to market Customizable front end Complete control over trading platform Full mobile suite included Proven automatic risk management Which solution is right for you? Enterprise Solution Includes all the Venture Solution features plus the following: Fully Integrated with your existing systems Fully Tailored to your specifications Allow white label distribution Installed on your servers The only truly scalable solutionThe most complete solution available today

9 Venture solution: Website designs The Venture solution platform includes extensive customization, here are some examples:

10 Native Mobile Applications Only MarketsPulse gives your traders a completely native mobile trading experience Dedicated iPad Application Native Android Application Mobile Web using HTML5

11 Complete Risk Management Financial analysis team ensures profitability MarketsPulse provides complete risk management, limiting your exposure and boosting your profitability Automatic real-time pricing algorithm Full limitations and controls, per brand/trader 24/6 Live monitoring of feeds & platforms EffectiveControlledMonitoredGuaranteed

12 Advanced Administration System The MarketsPulse Back Office gives you full control over your trading platform View trading statistics in one click Set limitations for each brand / trader Incentivize traders easily

13 Built-in Incentive Programs Post Wager Bonus Incentivize traders to reach higher trading volumes by offering bonus money when reaching certain trading levels Cashback Offer traders cashback on their trades Safe Trade Action Encourage traders to experience trading by offering risk free trades 1 2 3 Want to build trader loyalty and create a strong, profitable brand? MarketsPulse gives you the tools to do it… VIP – “Frequent Trader” Club Reward frequent traders by offering higher payouts 4

14 MarketsPulse CRM  Flexible: Easily customize the system to your specific needs  Integrated: Fully integrated with the administration system  Managed: Assign users, tasks and cases automatically  Complete: Detailed reports feature and useful dashboards MarketsPulse has developed a customized CRM system for your unique requirements

15 Option types MarketsPulse leads the market with innovative options, providing traders with the most exciting experience, and brokers with the most profitable solution Range High Low High Low Spread High Low 1 2 3 Option On Demand 4 5 One Touch 6 Ladder Option

16 Option types 1 Option On Demand Fastest growing option type – highly profitable Trader chooses option start, option duration Open simultaneous trades –60seconds up to a full day Trader can choose his own duration and option start time Open multiple trades directly from the graph Unique to MarketsPulse Clients

17 Option types 2 Traditional High Low The most popular option type Traders can sell their option and close position at any time Open multiple trades and sell trades directly from the graph

18 Option types 3 Spread High Low Classic High Low with different prices for Call or Put Allows for higher payouts (over 100% typically) Attract more traders by offering higher payouts

19 Option types 4 Range High Low The trader must predict in which range the price will strike Highly profitable option, with very high payouts Price Range offered for Call or Put Payouts of up to 200% are possible

20 Option types 5 One Touch The trader selects a high or low price level Once the strike ‘touches’ the buy price, the trader is in the money Highly profitable option, with high payouts available Trader selects High or Low price level

21 6 Ladder Option (Launched in Tokyo, July 2013) Trader chooses from a set of fixed strike prices Options are priced using dynamic premiums for a fixed lot amount Buy and Sell prices shown simultaneously, with different durations Designed to comply with new Japanese regulations Option types

22 MarketsPulse: Latest developments Advanced Charting  Advanced tools for more experienced traders  Allows for customization of the chart’s display: candle sticks, line, bars and more  Ability to add real-time Indicators such as momentum, moving averages, volatility and TRIX among many others Advanced charting tools for traders wanting more than a standard trading experience… Unique to MarketsPulse Clients

23 Summary Designed for your precise needs Wide array of innovative and profitable options Create a strong brand with proven marketing techniques Installed on your servers, fully integrated, customized, managed MarketsPulse is the only provider that offers a completely customizable solution

24 MarketsPulse: Client testimonials

25 Solution Pricing Venture Solution*Enterprise Solution Set up Fee €20,000€40,000 Mobile Applications License included Licensee’s Monthly Net Revenue Royalty Fee €0 - €500,00020%16% €500,001 - €1,000,00018%14% €1,000,001- €1,500,00016%12% €1,500,001- €2,000,00014%10% €2,000,001 and above12%8% Monthly Minimum Payment €5,000€7,500 Start with the Venture Solution, and as your business grows, upgrade to the Enterprise solution and only pay the difference. *

26 Tal Anish Business Development Call: +972 58 4444 150 Email: Web:

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