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Selling Pre-Owned Medical Equipment On

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1 Selling Pre-Owned Medical Equipment On

2 What Would You Like To Achieve? Would you like to expand your business and reach new customers around the globe? Would you like immediate access to customers who are searching for medical devices exactly like those you are selling? Would you like to become a major player in the pre-owned medical equipment market? How can you achieve all these goals easily and professionally? Simply by using MedWOW!

3 Why Is MedWOW The Ideal Platform For You? MedWOW is a global on-line trading arena specializes in pre- owned medical equipment. MedWOW provides you with innovative on-line tools, such as: Unique professional catalog of pre-owned medical devices. Huge up-to-date database of users. Personal section for inventory management. Special features such as Wanted Items database, sellers reports, alerts and promotion service. Multilingual website.

4 Smart Catalog Sellers can post items using MedWOW’s sophisticated directory mechanism. This directory consists of all the pre-owned medical devices, as well as spare parts and accessories that have been in the market for the past 15 years. This unique directory enables MedWOW members to find the devices they are looking for quickly and easily.

5 Post Item - Example Catalog fields

6 Selling - From Start To End A Seller posts an item on MedWOW Potential Buyers are searching for items The Seller receives notification regarding the potential buyer The Seller pays MedWOW seller fee Exchange details: Seller & Buyer receive contact details Seller pays transaction fee Rating: Both Seller & Buyer rate each other The Transaction is completed successfully An interested Buyer pays Buyers ’ fee (The Buyer may order an inspection first) Packing and shipping the item to the Buyer ’ s location Start End

7 Manage Your Sale Listing On “My MedWOW” offers you, the seller, many special options to manage your listings on site. These options are available on your personal page “My MedWOW” -> “My Inventory”, including: Editing item information.  Editing item information. Posting similar items.  Posting similar items. Post the same item at different  Post the same item at differentterms. Remove item listing from site.  Remove item listing from site. Special services: Inspection Service.  Inspection Service. Promotion Service.  Promotion Service. Questions & Answers Service.  Questions & Answers Service.

8 Edit Item Information:Edit Item Information: When posting your item for regular sale, you can edit the listing at any time. Please note that this option is not available in Auctions. Post a Similar Item:Post a Similar Item: Once you posted an item on site, you may post another item with similar criteria to your previously posted item. Post the Same Item at Different Terms:Post the Same Item at Different Terms: Post a second version of your listing with the following possible changes: price, warranty, services, payment method and down payment percentage. Remove Item Listing from Site:Remove Item Listing from Site: When posting your item for a regular sale, you may remove it from the site once your item is no longer available for sale. Manage Your Sale Listing on “My MedWOW”

9 Promotion Service: Once you choose to promote the item you would like to sell, MedWOW distributes a notification to our vast database of potential buyers. The distribution of your item notification will be made according to the promotion type you chose: worldwide, continent, country, or state/region. This service significantly increases the possibility of selling your items quickly and easily. Inspection Service: We provide a global network of expert inspectors, each a specialist in his field, enabling you to inspect any medical equipment in a simple manner. Inspection service is available for buyers who would like to inspect an item before buying, or for sellers who would like the inspection report to be available for potential buyers on site. Available inspection types are: Operational, packaging, dismantling, stored or special requests. Special Services For Sellers

10 Questions & Answers Service: Our mechanism includes all necessary and relevant questions a buyer might need to ask a seller prior to purchasing. This mechanism includes pre-phrased questions and answers for specific devices and is also designed to overcomes language barriers between sellers and buyers from different countries. This makes the site ideal for conducting international business {This service will be available soon} Escrow Service: The use of Escrow service reduces risks of selling products and services over the Internet. This helps protect both Sellers and the Buyers, by executing transactions through a licensed independent third party. Special Services For Sellers

11 3rd Party Service: To overcome the obstacle of countries restricted from trading with each other, we offer a special third party mediation service. A mediator from a country allowed to trade with both Seller and Buyer, purchases the item from the Seller and then sells it directly to the Buyer. Shipping: MedWOW offers express shipping services for any kind of medical device; from door to door shipments to logistic solutions for international forwarding {This service will be available soon} More Services For Sellers

12 Seller Report:Seller Report: As a seller on MedWOW you have the privilege of receiving a periodic detailed report of your past transactions, and the total amount of sales for any time period (i.e. month, week, quarter or year), compared to a previous time period. Tracking Report:Tracking Report: This report is designated for you, a Seller on MedWOW, to provide you with information on buyer’s interest and statistics on your listings. Seller Reports

13 Global Report - Global statistics for items that interest you:Global Report - Global statistics for items that interest you: As a MedWOW seller, you may receive a general report on global demand and transactions on MedWOW for items you are interested in. You may determine report parameters according to category, device, manufacturer, model, item condition, seller organization, seller location, buyer organization and buyer location. This report provides sellers with useful information about global activity on a specific device, how many sales were made and what is the average selling price on site. As mentioned, this report is limited to users that meet certain criteria as determined by MedWOW. Example Seller Reports

14 Find out quickly and easily who is looking for items you have for sale! This is your opportunity to find out exactly what buyers are looking for, and post your device, part or accessory in direct response to a buyer’s Wanted Item listing. The buyer will immediately be informed of your matching listing and will be able to contact you. This increases and streamlines your selling opportunities! Your browsing possibilities can be broken down to the most detailed level, using advance search filters. Searching the database will grant you an invaluable opportunity to see the big picture: Find out which devices are most popular, at what locations, price ranges, and much more. Wanted Items Mechanism

15 Result: Exposure to Vast Number of Potential Buyers Post My Item Now Start Selling on MedWOW! New to MedWOW? Register Now Already a MedWOW user?

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