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COMP 2903 A10 – Software Engineers and Computer Programmers Danny Silver JSOCS, Acadia University.

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1 COMP 2903 A10 – Software Engineers and Computer Programmers Danny Silver JSOCS, Acadia University

2 Quiz What is the difference between a software engineer and a computer programmer?

3 US Dept of Labour Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010/11 Computer Software Engineers and Computer Programmers - 2010/11 edition

4 Overview Software engineer jobs projected to grow 32% over next decade Computer programming jobs projected to decline by 3% through 2018 Jobs prospects best for university grads SMILE..

5 Software Engineers Apply the principles of computer science and mathematical analysis to the design, development, evaluation of various software and systems Tasks evolve quickly, reflecting new areas of specialization - changes in tech and practices of employers Emphasis on analysis and design, theory of computing systems, structure of software, nature and limitations of hardware and OS Must have strong problem-solving and analytical skills versus strictly program coding

6 Software Engineers Two categories: – Computer Applications SE: Analysis and design specialists Construct, deploy and maintain systems – Computer System SE: Construction, maintenance and expansion of an organization’s computing needs Set up intranets and associated computers Concerned about security and data integrity May be contracted to do the above for other orgs

7 Software Engineers Undergraduate degree commonly required Masters degree preferred in some positions Employers favour experience as well as degrees Human communications and business skills valued -- Certification is becoming more important – CIPS ISP -

8 Programmers Write, test, and maintain computer programs Usually according to the specifications given by software engineers/analysts Update, repair, modify, and expand existing programs Advances in programming tools and languages have redefined the role of a programmer – Advanced IDEs allow them to perform SE functions

9 Programmers University degree, but a two-year degree or certificate may be adequate for some jobs Certification is becoming more important –.NET certification – CISCO certification

10 Work Environment Offices, often on the road Telecommuting is common 40-50 hours / week in 2008 Major work related complaints are: – Eyestrain, back problems, hand/wrist complaints (carpal tunnel syndrome)

11 Software Engineers 394,800 SE in US in 2008 Projected to increase by 32% 2008-18 in US Much faster than average for all occupations Will generate about 295,000 new jobs in US Internet, web, mobile, security main drivers 2008 median annual earnings – Computer Applications SE - $85,000 – Computer Systems SE - $92,000

12 Programmers 426,700 programmers in US in 200 Projected to decrease by 3% 2008-18 in US Why?.. See next slide Variety of programming language skills and business knowledge will be important for survival 2008 median annual earnings - $69,600

13 Programmers Why the reduction in programming jobs? – Consolidation/centralization of systems and apps – Advances in packaged software – Advances in programming languages and tools – Ability of users to design, write, and implement more of their own programs – Offshore outsourcing of programming jobs – Requires little localized or specialized knowledge – it can be done from anywhere

14 Think, Pair, Share What do you feel will be most important ICT knowledge skills for your future? List three and describe why?

15 Key Skills Core CS skills (fundamental programming concepts – syntax/semantics, logic, math) Learning how to learn new computer languages quickly Computer architecture and hardware Databases Human communications – communicating complex concepts/designs to less technical people Project management, team work skills, Personal entrepreneurism, self motivation Mobile computing and data comm Human computer interaction AI

16 What does this say about CS Education? An appropriate ending

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