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Career Field Technology Heckler & Spurr.  Web Developer- Blake  Game Designer- Blake  Computer Tech/Repair- Heckler  Program Designer- Heckler  Computer.

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1 Career Field Technology Heckler & Spurr

2  Web Developer- Blake  Game Designer- Blake  Computer Tech/Repair- Heckler  Program Designer- Heckler  Computer Aided Design

3  Job Description  A Web Developer is a Software Engineer that develops applications specifically for the world wide web. The applications generally utilize a server and a client (web browser).Software Engineer

4 Duties of Job Develop new web applications Create intranet services for individual companies Maintain current web applications Develop external web portals Create and build interactive sites

5 Different types of Web Developer Jobs  Animation  Publishing  Programming  Writers and editors

6 Skills required- General Work independently meet deadlines Communication- oral and written Organized Detail oriented Self-motivated typing

7 Skills required- Specific Programming languages- HTML, XML, ADO.NET, JavaScript, Jscript, IIS, ECMAScript CCS- cascading style sheets Web Security languages Running Queries Web Architecture Knowledge of the mechanical computer

8 Education  Typically 4-year college earning a BS in Computer Science ◦ Focus on Design- Minor in visual arts ◦ Computer applications- HTML and Dreamweaver  Possible to get job without BS, but takes a lot of experience and a great portfolio  Need to take certification exams based on which programming language used

9 Work Environment  Offices and computers service centers Job Outlook  Great, but there is a lot of competition Pay  $50,000 to $70,000 a year

10 Description of Job  There are several different positions in video game design ◦ Designer ◦ Artist/Animator ◦ Sound designer ◦ Programmer

11  Designer- creates detailed game designs- The creative force of video games ◦ Plot, rules, flow charts, sound effects  Artist/Animator- do the art for the game ◦ Character animator, background animator  Sound designer- adds audio to the game ◦ Composers, weapons sounds, editing  Programmer- writes the code that makes the game work ◦ Software engines, controls characters, etc

12 Skills Required  Communication- verbal and written  Able to work with others  Self-motivated  Organization  Able to see things at different levels  Understanding of process  Art background  History or literature background  Understanding of the natural world

13 Educational Requirements  Designer ◦ Bachelors in Art, English, History, Computer science or other related field  Artist/Animator ◦ Aptitude for fine art, geometry, and human anatomy  Sound designer ◦ Bachelors in Music  Programmer ◦ Bachelors degree in Computer Science

14 Schools that offer degrees  Most colleges offer degrees in English, Art, History, computer science, etc. Schools that offer video game design degrees  The Art Institutes- Online  Full Sail University- Online  International Academy of Design and Technology

15 Work Environment  Large companies  Small companies  Cubicles  Open area workrooms

16 Job Outlook Great!!!

17 Salary Range  Designer ◦ $25,000- $75,000  Artist/Animator ◦ $50,000  Sound designer ◦ $45,000- $70,000  Programmer ◦ $60,000 -$80,000

18 Description of Job  Maintains the working conditions of all computer based equipment in a workplace

19 Duties of the Job  Repair and Maintain computers and servers  Building and configuring new hardware  Installing and updating software packages  Create and maintain network

20 Skills Required  Communication  Knowledge of programming languages  Understanding of physical aspects of computing  Knowledge of security systems  Fine motor skills  Math skills, electrical knowledge  soldering

21 Educational Requirements  High school tech classes  Vocational College  Associates degree- 2 year degree ◦ Technical institutes vocational college  On the job training ◦ BestBuy Certification  Computer Technology Industry Associations (CompTIA) certification exam

22 Environments  Anywhere a computer is

23 Job Outlook Great!!! Salary $38,000 a year

24 Description of the Job  Works directly with engineering team to generate two and three dimensional models and drawings using the AutoCAD software  AutoCAD- computer aided design and drafting software, which allows designers to create models and drawings

25 Duties of Job  The CAD operator is also known as the Drafter  Prepare technical drawings and plans for manufacturing and construction  Work with the team!!!

26 Skills Required  AutoCAD training  Communication  Attention to detail  Self motivated  Organized  Able to meet deadlines  Understanding of various construction fields

27 Education Requirements  Prior training in drafting ◦ I believe Mr. Ragland has a class that teaches technical design  Some vocational schools teach drafting/AutoCAD  Associates degree ◦ Community Colleges and Vocational Schools

28 Schools that offer AutoCAD training  ITT Technical Institute- Campus  Brown Mackie College- Campus  Westwood College- Online  IUPUI- Indiana- Campus  Ivy Tech- Indiana- Campus

29 Rod Smothers and Frank McCane will be coming to talk to the class. They are the Information Technology (IT) for the school district. Come up with 2 questions you can ask them tomorrow

30 Job Outlook  Great  We are always building something, everything we build has a design or schematic to follow Salaries  Average $39,000

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