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IT Job Roles Task 20. Software Engineer Job Description Software engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining software of various different.

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1 IT Job Roles Task 20

2 Software Engineer

3 Job Description Software engineers are responsible for creating and maintaining software of various different kinds. The typical responsibilities include investigating current applications, producing specifications, writing new software and manuals and costing new or modified systems. As well as this, they must help in the support and training of users.

4 Skills and Requirements Most employers, such as software firms and IT consultancies, look for graduates with degrees in relevant subjects such as software engineering, maths or electronics. They also look for people with a good knowledge and experience in software engineering as high standards need to be met for every project. Although qualifications are extremely important, some employers may look at people who have a strong willingness to learn, resulting in possible ‘on the job’ training. There are many skills required for a software engineer. These include numerical and analytical skills, team working skills, good communication skills and commercial awareness.

5 Why they are important Software engineers are extremely important for the IT industry, as they help develop and improve all the software that the general consumer uses in their day to day lives. They help design software, not only to keep up with the general publics demand for new technology, but also small and large scale businesses requiring new software to optimise their productivity. Software engineers are a key part in keeping the software that we use on a daily basis up to date and in good working order.

6 Network Engineer

7 Job Description Network engineers are responsible for installing and maintaining communication networks. They work either internally, within one organisation, or externally, working for a consultancy firm, for example, providing support to a range of clients. They aim to ensure that each communication network is fully functional and operates as smoothly as possible in order to provide maximum productivity for their clients. Their typical work includes installing and maintaining new server hardware, analysing and resolving faults and suggesting and providing IT solutions to business and management problems.

8 Skills and Requirements As with a software engineer, employers will look for candidates with degrees in areas such as maths, computer science or electronic engineering. Candidates must also show a good understanding in of different types of networks and the problems and solutions surrounding them. Analytical and problem solving skills are essential. Also, candidates must have the ability to take on a variety of tasks, possibly at the same time, paying great attention to detail. Having good team working skills is important when cooperating with other staff to complete a task, and communication skills are extremely important when working with clients.

9 Why they are important Network engineers are important for maintaining the networks of various different businesses in order to optimise their service or product output. Large companies sometimes employ network engineers directly in order to keep costs down and to have someone on the scene quicker, when something goes wrong. This is why network engineers are extremely important to maintain and support a range of network types for a range of business types.

10 Web Designer

11 Job Description Web Designers are responsible for designing and creating new websites for a range of different clients. These can be individual people or large scale businesses. Once designing a website, they will consult with a Web Developer to create a sleek and smooth design, tailored to the customers needs. Typical tasks include creating website designs, producing sample sites, meeting with clients to discuss requirements and producing products that are effective and user-friendly.

12 Skills and Requirements Employers of Website designers include software firms, IT consultancies and specialist web design companies. Potential employees will most likely have to have degrees in computing, web design or computer science. They will also look for candidates who have computing experience in web designing or other relevant fields. Imagination and creativity skills are essential for this job. You must be able to think of ingenious designs that are perfect for the customers needs. You must also have in depth attention to detail for every part of the project, with patience throughout, also being key. Communication skills are also essential when consulting with clients.

13 Why they are important Web Designers are extremely important to the IT industry as they provide a range of sectors with new and intuitive ideas to help them maximise their potential output. They also give general consumers a better experience when using the internet for various different reasons, encouraging repeat use. Businesses require constant updates to their online sectors, meaning Web designers are essential to keep maintaining and supporting this area.

14 IT Sales Consultant

15 Job Description An IT sales consultant will work as part of a sales team. In a large company, you may have to act as more of a technical expert, while in a smaller companies, you are likely to combine technical advice with an all round sales role. Common roles include attending sales meetings and meeting with clients, determining a client's business requirements and whether the products being considered are suitable and deciding whether the software or hardware needs to be adapted to meet the client's needs.

16 Skills and Requirements Usually, candidates need to have degree, or similar education level, in fields such as IT, computing or programming. It is also possible, and would probably aid the candidate, if they have had some previous, work experience in a similar role. The skills needed to be an IT sales consultant are very similar to those needed by other sales consultant in different industries. These include excellent selling skills, technical knowledge in specific areas, the ability to write reports and proposals and good presentation skills.

17 Why they are important The IT industry is expanding worldwide, so this job role is also in demand. IT sales consultants are extremely important in providing the IT industry with new and fresh ideas on how to optimise business productivity, using new and inventive equipment. They are also important for providing businesses with the information they need to be able to grow in the future using a range of equipment. As well as this, they are important for the company that they work for, persuading customers that they are the company to use if expansion, or an update, of equipment is required.

18 Games Designer

19 Job Description Games Designers create new computer games and define how the game is played by the user and their ‘game experience’. They work on things such as the rules of the game, the characters, the setting and things items that may be included within the game. They often work with programmers, animators, producers and audio engineers to turn their ideas and working model into a working game.

20 Skills and Requirements Like a lot of other jobs in the IT industry, this job requires a degree of some sort in relevant subjects such as games design, software developing or computer arts. Most employers look for graduates with these qualifications although there are also some apprenticeship opportunities. The skills needed to become a games designer are similar to those of a web designer. These include creativity and imagination, having a good storytelling ability, have an extensive knowledge of various software packages, have basic drawing and 3D design skills and have excellent communication and presentation skills.

21 Why they are important Games Designers are an extremely important for the IT industry. With the game sector expanding at a very quick rate, Games Designers are now in high demand to design new and exciting games for a growing gaming community. They are important for designing brand new games, to give gamers a bigger choice, and designing games that are follow-ons or part of a series, to keep gamers interested.

22 Systems Analyst

23 Job Description A systems analyst designs new IT solutions to improve business efficiency and productivity. They work closely with the client, they examine existing business models and flows of data, discuss their findings with the client, and then design an appropriate improved IT solution. They also produce outline designs, specifications and costing's of new systems. They will then present these ideas to the client and once approved, they will work closely with the client to implement the solution.

24 Skills and Requirements Once again, the degrees that employees will be looking for in graduates are ones that are appropriate and relevant for the job. These include computer science, business information systems, mathematics or information management systems. Most new entrants to larger companies are graduates. However, entry is possible with an HND, especially if you have prior experience. The skills required to be a systems analyst include having a broad knowledge of hardware and software, the ability to learn quickly, a logical approach to problem solving and excellent communication and presentation skills.

25 Why they are important Systems analysts are important to the IT industry as the provide varying different solutions to help optimise the potential of many different business types. They also help them to save money in the long term, thus helping them to generate more sales.

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