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Discovery trip 2009 New Zealand 20 th May to 13 th July Discovery Programme Rhydian Dafydd Owen.

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1 Discovery trip 2009 New Zealand 20 th May to 13 th July Discovery Programme Rhydian Dafydd Owen

2 Discovery Programme Applied to go on exchange with the Discovery Programme 2009 of NFYFC. Go to Stratford Upon Avon to NFU Mutual head quarters to have an interview New Zealand exchange 2 months from 20 th of May to 13 th of July. The Discovery programme is run by the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs.

3 Regions Of Young Farmers There are 7 regions in New Zealand in which the Young Farmers are divided. In 2009 they achieved 1000 members. The age of Young Farmers is from 16 to 31.

4 Aorangi Aorangi is north east of the South Island of NZ. The Canterbury plains which is the flattest land in NZ are in this region. Industry has changed from sheep to dairy and cropping. Farm land is heavily irrigated with big centre pivot spraying water on the land. Christchurch is the biggest city in the region. Took part in pest destruction weekend which was a competition between clubs to see who could shoot the most animals.

5 Otago/Southland This region covers the south of the South Island of NZ. Climate is much colder more rain fall and landscape more mountainous. A lot of beef and sheep farmers but in recent years many have converted to dairy because of high pay out. Fiordland National Park is the biggest National Park in NZ The largest city is Invercargill. Queenstown is a popular destination for tourist because it was the first bungy jump site also there is white water rafting, skiing and many other activities. The Speights brewery is situated in the region.

6 Tasman This region covers the north west coast of the South Island of NZ. Large areas of forests and mountains. The west cost gets 5m of rain. Farm land is flipped upside down and made into humps and hollows to cope with the rain. The Marlborough area is the largest wine making area in NZ with large vineyards covering the landscape

7 East Coast This region covers east of the North Island. Large sheep stations and deer farms. The Tui brewery is situated in the region which is a popular North Island beer. Visited a once a day dairy farm. Lake Taupo the biggest lake in NZ is in this region. Visited a thermal power station which generates power from hot springs in the ground.

8 Taranaki/Manawatu This region covers south west of the North Island of NZ Taranaki is a traditional strong dairy area. The region has the biggest milk processing plant in the Southern Hemisphere. The biggest city in the region is Wellington which is the capital of NZ. Mount Taranaki is the biggest in the region and still is an active volcano. Some of the beaches in Taranaki have black sand because of a volcanic eruption.

9 Waikato/BOP This region covers the middle of the North Island of NZ starting from the west cost. Biggest city in the region is Hamilton. Rotorua is a popular location for tourist with spas, hot springs and a lot of Maori culture. Went black water rafting at the Waitomo Caves where we abseiled down to the caves and went round the underground rivers. Dairying is the main industry in the region.

10 Northen This region covers the north of the North Island of NZ. Treaty of Waitangi (1840) was signed here. Where the Maori signed off their land to the white people. This region has tropical climate because it is close to the equator. Went sand bugging on the sand dunes around the coast. Lot of forestry in the region with the native kauri tree famous for it’s size. Main farming industry is dairying with a lot of people milking all year round. Also some bull beef farms and a bit of sheep.

11 Hosts 18 host in the 2 months

12 Farming Practises Big differences in farming practises between UK and NZ. NZ farmers are more focused on a grassland system. Most dairy farms milk from end of July to beginning of May and have two months when the cows are dry. All animals are wintered outside because of the type of animal and the climate. A lot of irrigation is used to grow grass and crops. More focus on the heard than the individual animal. Majority of farm produce is exported to the rest of the world.

13 Life Style in New Zealand Only 4 million living in NZ and the majority live in the cities especially Auckland. Very laid back attitude. Because of the landscape there are many outdoor activities e.g. skiing, claiming, kayaking, canoeing, cycling. Rugby is the number one sport. Maori culture is very important to the people of NZ.

14 Grand Final

15 Young Farmers Grand Final The National Bank Young Farmer Contest is the flagship event for Young Farmers in New Zealand up to 400 contestants battle it out for the top spot through out the regions. The idea for the Young Farmer Contest came from a quiz show at an agricultural university in California. The first Contest was in 1969 this was a quiz to challenge Young Farmers. Practical field activities were added to the contest after six years to ensure the contest represented all-round farming ability. Sponsorships have continued to grow and in 2009 the winner would get up to $90.000 NZ dollars worth of prises. Contest is televised live and has become a big event.

16 Conclusion A great way to see the real NZ through staying with members of NZ Young Farmers. Discovering new farming practises and broadening farming knowledge. Making new friends and meeting interesting people.

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