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Human Resources and Mobility in the 6. Framework Programme Lisbeth Mortensen, ph.d. Danish Research Agency - FIRST.

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1 Human Resources and Mobility in the 6. Framework Programme Lisbeth Mortensen, ph.d. Danish Research Agency - FIRST

2 Marie Curie Schemes: Objective: to support the development of abundant world class human resources in all the regions of the Community by promoting transnational mobility for training purposes, transfer of knowledge or development of expertise, in particular between different sectors; supporting development of excellence and helping make Europe more attractive to 3. countries News: –no age limit but research experience; –open for 3. country participation (fellows and hosts) –reintegration possibilities

3 Human Resources and Mobility in FP6

4 Marie Curie actions Host driven actions –Host fellowships for early stage of research training –Host fellowships for transfer of knowledge –Research training network –Conferences and training courses Individual driven actions –Intra-european fellowships –In-coming fellowships –Out-going fellowships Excellence promotion –Grants, Awards, Chairs Reintegration

5 Host fellowships for early stage training To develop the offer of structured research training To stimulate the training and mobility of early stage researchers Application by host (Higher education, Research centers, Enterprises), who select fellows Single or multi-partner groups (min. 3 groups in 3 countries) Structured training in research (incl. complimentary skills) Early stages of their career (> 4 years experience) Includes international doctoral programmes Fellowships from 3 months to 3 years Duration - up to 4 years

6 Host fellowships for transfer of knowledge (1) Development Scheme: To develop or reinforce research potential of institutions in need of new competencies Applications by institution in need of developing new competencies All countries, with priority to Community LFR/Associated candidate counties Host selects and recruits experienced researchers (2 - 24 months) Possibility to send own staff (2 - 12 months) to predetermined institution + return

7 Host fellowships for transfer of knowledge (2) Industry-Academia Strategic Partnership Schemes: To create or develop true strategic and durable partnerships Application by industry and academia partners from at least two different countries Co-ordinating host from industry or academia, with one or more partners from the other sector Funding of staff exchange (in both directions) Includes SMEs, spin-off, start-ups Duration: 4 years

8 Research training networks (1) Training for and through research, incl. acquisition of complimentary skills, and transfer of knowledge within high quality international research projects –Focus on the training of early stage researchers (+ transfer of knowledge from and among experienced researchers) Overcoming institutional and disciplinary boundaries, notably through promotion of multidisciplinary/intersectoral projects Help achieve a critical mass of qualified researchers, especially in area that are highly specialised and/or fragmented

9 Research training networks (2) Size: At least 3 institutions in 3 different countries (average in FP 5. 8) Duration: up to 4 years: Fellowships: 3 months to 3 years EC-contribution: expected to be between 0,8 and a few MEuro (min. 65% of budget for fellows)

10 Conferences and training courses Objective: To enable early stage researchers to profit from the experience of experienced researchers by support for specific training activities (incl. virtual ones): –Coherent series of conferences, summer schools, laboratory training courses, on one or several themes, proposed by one or several organisers –Participation of early stage researchers in large conferences having particular interest for training purposes

11 Individual fellowships (1) Objective: To respond to the individual advanced training needs of the most promising experienced researcher to give them the necessary boost to become fully independent in their field Fellowships for experienced researchers (>4 years experience or ph.d.) Training through research, incl. life-long training or for resuming career Application by fellow in liaison with host

12 Individual fellowships (2) 3 schemes: Intra-European: 1 - 2 years –from and to EU and associated counties Outgoing: up to 2 + 1 year –fellows from EU or Ass. country to 3. country –mandatory return element Incoming: 1 - 2years –promising researchers from 3. country –possibility of return support for emerging economies

13 Reintegration grants Objective: To support integration of a stable research career after a period of mobility Following a 2-years Marie Curie fellowship –Fellows from EU and Ass. country –Reintegration in coutry of origin or elsewhere –Obligatory for host to offer min. 2-year work contract and research project Following a stay outside Europe –European researcher who have been outside Europe for 5 years

14 Excellence promotion and Recognition Objective: To increase the visibility and attractiveness of research as a career and to promote results to the scientific community. Excellence grants - Creation and development of high-level teams for world-level researchers Chairs - Post-graduate teaching and research positions for world-class researchers Excellence awards - Researchers who have had a MC- fellowship (application on own initiative or recommended by others)

15 Marie Curie Grants for Excellent Teams Teams to be created (or recently started) around a researcher having the potential to reach very high level of excellence Leading edge or multi-disciplinary research Will enable the researcher to evolve more rapidly toward professional autonomy Work programme for max. 4 years

16 Marie Curie Chairs Will enable world-class researchers to let other European researchers benefit from their knowledge Will reinforce the training and research capacities in Europe May attract world-level researchers who left Europe Teaching/research/supervision of ph.d-students for up to 3 academic years

17 Marie Curie Awards Intended to give regocnition to the high level of excellence achieved by former Marie Curie felllows Award winner are expected to take part in public events promoting the take-up and visibility of European research

18 Further information Until 31.12.2002 Forskningsstyrelsen, FIRST Randersgade 60 DK-2100 Copenhagen Tel:+45 3544 6200 Fax:+45 3544 6201 E-mail: URL: After 01.01.2003 EuroCenter c/o Teknologisk Institut Gregersensvej, opgang 8 DK-2630 Tåstrup Tel:+45 33 32 72 78 Fax:+45 33 32 74 78 E-mail: URL:

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