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European Commission - Marie Curie Actions. Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development Call identifier FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IIF Closing Date: 18 August.

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1 European Commission - Marie Curie Actions

2 Intra-European Fellowships for Career Development Call identifier FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IIF Closing Date: 18 August 2009 at 17h00 (Brussels local time) Important website European Commission: UK Research Office:

3 Intra-European Fellowships What are Intra-European fellowships for career development? Fellowships designed to : support experienced researchers at various stages of their career, help them in acquiring new research skills (interdisciplinary and intersectorial) contribute to the training of European Scientists Who can apply? Experienced researchers of any nationality BUT moving from one European Member state to another one. ER: between 4 and 10 years experience since first Degree

4 Intra-European Fellowships Which research topics are supported? All Marie Curie actions have a bottom-up approach, i.e. research fields are chosen freely by the applicants. How does it work? Proposals are submitted jointly by the host organisation and the individual researcher, within the specified deadlines, and are evaluated by external independent experts against a series of predetermined criteria. Financial support will be provided to the proposals selected by the Commission, for a period of 12 to 24 months full-time equivalents.

5 Intra-European Fellowships ? Funding is provided for Basic salary for the researcher trans-national mobility allowance research related costs Overheads (700 euros/month) NO equipment What does the funding cover? How much funding is involved per fellowship? Fixed salary based on personal circumstances (married or not) Consumables 800 euros/months e.g. 24 months ER approx. £180,000

6 Intra-European Fellowships 1.Advertise and find the best candidate 2.Write the proposal with the candidate 3.Proposal submission 4.Assessment 5.Negotiation and signing of the contract Key steps of the process

7 Intra-European Fellowships Indicative timetable for this call

8 Intra-European Fellowships "This action is to support the career development of experienced researchers at different stages of their careers, and seeks to enhance their individual competence diversification in terms of skill acquisition at multi- or interdisciplinary level and/or by undertaking inter-sectoral experiences. The aim is to support researchers in attaining and/or strengthening a leading independent position, e.g. principal investigator, professor or other senior position in education or enterprise. The action may also assist researchers to resume a career in research after a break." ("People" Work programme,Section 2.1.1) STEP 1 – Find the best candidate

9 Intra-European Fellowships Advertise on websites including EU portal Send flyer to colleagues in Europe STEP 1 – a) Advertise STEP 1 – b) Check eligibility i)have at least 4 years of research experience or ii)are already in possession of a doctoral degree. iii)Mobility rule Researchers must move from a Member State or Associated country to another Member State or Associated country.

10 Intra-European Fellowships Scientific and technological quality, including any interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary aspects of the proposal Research methodology Originality and innovative nature of the project, and relationship to the 'state of the art' of research in the field Timeliness and relevance of the project Host scientific expertise in the field Quality of the group/supervisors STEP 2 – Part B1 – Scientific and technological quality STEP 2 – Writing the proposal

11 Intra-European Fellowships Clarity and quality of the research training objectives for the researcher Relevance and quality of additional scientific training as well as of complementary skills offered Host expertise in training experienced researchers in the field and capacity to provide mentoring/tutoring STEP 2 – Part B2 – Training

12 Intra-European Fellowships Research experience Research results including patents, publications, teaching etc., taking into account the level of experience Independent thinking and leadership qualities Match between the fellow's profile and project Potential for reaching a position of professional maturity Potential to acquire new knowledge STEP 2 – Part B3 – Researcher

13 Intra-European Fellowships Quality of infrastructures/facilities and international collaborations of host Practical arrangements for the implementation and management of the scientific project Feasibility and credibility of the project, including work plan Practical and administrative arrangements and support for the hosting of the fellow STEP 2 – Part B4 – Implementation

14 Intra-European Fellowships Potential of acquiring competencies during the fellowship to improve the prospects of reaching and/or reinforcing a position of professional maturity, diversity and independence, in particular through exposure to complementary skills training Contribution to career development or re-establishment where relevant Contribution to European excellence and European competitiveness Benefit of the mobility to the European Research Area STEP 2 – Part B5 – Impact STEP 2 – Part B6 – Ethical issues

15 Intra-European Fellowships Proposals must be submitted electronically, using the Commission's Electronic Proposal Submission Service (EPSS). You can access the EPSS from Up to three referees can be nominated in order to provide referees’ assessments. A special facility within the EPSS system permits referees to create their assessment for the proposal. Call deadlines are absolutely final and are strictly enforced STEP 3 – Proposal submission Applicant researchers are reminded that only one proposal may be submitted in an evaluation procedure at any one time for any of the following actions (this restriction does not apply to host organisations)

16 Intra-European Fellowships STEP 4 – Evaluation

17 Intra-European Fellowships International Incoming Fellowships Call identifier FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IIF Closing Date: 18 August 2009 at 17h00 (Brussels local time)

18 Intra-European Fellowships ITN Initial Training Networks Call expected Spring 2010 deadline September 2010 Focus on PhD studentships Register your profile on EU website

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