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MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 1 Online Summary o Detector DAQ o Controls And Monitoring o Online Data Base o Bottom Lines Jean-Sebastien.

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1 MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 1 Online Summary o Detector DAQ o Controls And Monitoring o Online Data Base o Bottom Lines Jean-Sebastien Graulich, Geneva

2 MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 2 DDAQ Achievements since CM24  DAQ and Controls Review  Factor of 5 increase in # of particle triggers per spill Current limit at 250 Particles/spill  FADC Firmware upgraded Factor of 4 reduction in data size  Trigger System Debugged  Problem with Event building under control

3 Important Discussion  Double pulse resolution in TOF  Discriminator dead time Minimum width of logic signal after discriminator: 100 ns  Double pulse resolution: 110 ns In a given TOF PMT, it is IMPOSSIBLE to see two hits in the same burst !  Complying with specifications but a real limitation  We need a way to tell monitor the number of particles in a burst Use BPM ? Use Tracker ? Upgrade TOF discriminators ? MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 3

4 DDAQ Main Works in progress  Integration of TOF2 Requires update in Crate Layout  Integration of CAM/DDAQ DATE Status in EPICS Target DAQ Beam Losses and Target BCD in data stream Magnet Currents (and more) in Data Stream  Integration of Tracker  EMR Front-End Electronics MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 4

5 MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 5 Schedule Milestones  From CM24  TOF2 Shaper/Splitter Productionmid March need testing  DAQ review June 09  Upgrade of fADC firmwareJuly 09  CAM data in Online Data StreamJune 09 -> Jan 10  Tracker integrated in DAQ and OLMJuly 09 -> Jan 10  TOF TDC Clock SynchronizationJuly 09 -> March 10 More complicated than first thought. Need a dedicated board  Burst Gate Signal in the Trigger SystemNeed support here  Approval of SW/EMR Front End ElectronicsIn Proto phase  Production of SW/EMR Front End ElectronicsSept 2009 -> Jan 10 -------------------------------------  DATE Status in EPICSNov 09  TOF2 DAQ InstallationDec 09  Target DAQ in Data StreamDec 09

6 Controls And Monitoring  Good progress on all fronts Groundwork required to unify MICE control systems & create a user-friendly interface is well underway  Controls effort is ‘significantly understaffed’ (DAQ & Controls Review, June ‘09)  We are always operating at full capacity  ‘Controls & Monitoring’ is such a broad subject that many unexpected additional requirements crop up all the time… Please be patient! MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 6

7 CAM Main Achievements since CM24  Control PCs & servers Reorganization DL Systems isolated on a single server  Application management Tools created including GUI  New Target Controller Set delay, dip depth, etc  Target DAQ software and monitoring completed Standalone and Interfaced to EPICS (need integration in DDAQ)  EPICS gate way running  CKOV Humidity and Temperature into CAM  Neutron Monitor into CAM  Alarm Handler working and becoming user friendly  Clear Plan for Version Control and System Update  Interface with Configuration Database MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 7

8 25/08/2015Imperial College 8 Control PCs & Servers: Current Status miceiocpc1target1ctlmiceioc2miceioc4miceioc1miceioc5 miceserv1miceecserv miceopipc1micecon1target2 See James’ Talk for details

9 25/08/2015Imperial College 9 Application Launcher New application launcher replaces DL TCL script –XML configuration file, easy to add items –Unlimited subcategory levels Provides real-time display of application status Configurable response to existing application instances

10 25/08/2015Imperial College 10 Target: Controller Target Controller Stage 1 upgrade underway –Hardware essentially complete –Currently working on Controller firmware (P. Smith) Software nearing completion –Hardware driver framework in place –Have implemented all EPICS server / client functionality Tested using ‘virtual’ Target Controller Device –Remaining task: write low- level hardware driver plug-in once firmware is complete Stage 1 upgrade - Control functionality includes: -Set delays -Set / monitor Target depth -Park / hold, start / stop actuation -Monitor hardware status

11 25/08/2015Imperial College 11 Target: Beam Loss Standalone DAQ system upgrades: –Final algorithm selected for ‘absolute’ beam loss calculation Thanks to AD for implementation –Standalone event viewer can now follow real-time output of DAQ Target Beam Loss IOC will read local data archive written by DAQ & serve values as PVs –Enables integration with Alarm Handler & readout of actuation numbers for CDB run data entries –IOC will use same analysis & file access code as standalone DAQ, via C wrapper functions –See PH’s talk

12 EPICS Gateway

13 Policy for CAM System upgrades Jean-Sebastien Graulich Next Update in January !

14 CAM Main Works in Progress  Network Status  DATE Status  Environment Monitoring (temperatures, humidity, water flows,...)  CKOV High Voltage System (CAEN SY127)  Quotation for Cooling Channel Control System (DL) MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 14

15 DataBase  Configuration Data Base Doesn’t Store Data Doesn’t Archive the parameter read values Store the Geometry, Calibration Constants, Set values, etc  Use Case example: Give me the configuration of the experiment at 16:15 on 5 th November 2009 Needed by reconstruction software to analyse the data  Relational AND bi-temporal. Please see previous collaboration meeting talks for a fuller explanation of this concept and its justification. MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 15

16 Database Functionality 2 Since the last collaboration meeting there has been much progress Geometry - Can now write and read geometries - We can reconstruct what the geometry was known to be for a given time. We have a history of state. We also can update when misalignments are found. We have a history of those updates. You can reconstruct what was KNOWN about the state of the geometry at some set of given times, very easily. Calibration - Can now write and read calibrations of arbitrary format - One default calibration should be maintained by the detector groups but others can be kept and called specifically Set Values - Can now write and read set values - EPICS GUI (James Leaver) interfaces with this. Thanks also to Pierrick & Adam for help with cataloguing many set vals.

17 25/08/2015Imperial College 17 Configuration Database: User Entry Not all parameters required for a CDB ‘run’ entry are available through normal EPICS channels –i.e. Relevant IOCs & integration with the DAQ are not yet complete –Currently only beamline magnet currents can be backed up from ‘live’ servers (Quasi) temporary solution: –Generic EPICS data server hosts PVs for all values missing from existing IOCs, so they can be read by backup/restore client –User entry client allows shifter to enter required parameters before initiating a run –As future work progresses, unnecessary user entry items will be removed However, shall always require some degree of manual data entry CDB Data Server (miceiocpc 1) User Entry Client Backup / Restore Client

18 Summary Database is progressing well Wish to finish database functionality and perform stress tests which could be presented at CM26 Nevertheless, people should think about integrating DB communication with their applications (contact me for info – but this is an action item for others)

19 Bottom Lines  General Progress  Manpower is very limited and not secured on the long term  More and more integration/unification tasks Mice Online Group (MOG) is necessary but suffers from a loose leadership This is a call for help ! MICE CM25 Nov 2009Jean-Sebastien GraulichSlide 19

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