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Buying and Selling Items on eBay and Craig’s List Computer and Technology Group May 15, 2008.

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1 Buying and Selling Items on eBay and Craig’s List Computer and Technology Group May 15, 2008

2 Before you buy or sell on eBay, you must register Select “My eBay” to set up your account.

3 Getting Started with eBay Setup your eBay account. Select a username, password, etc. If you wish to sell on eBay, you will have to give them a source of funds for listing fees, etc. (If you only wish to buy, eBay won’t need a source of funds) eBay prefers a Bank Account but a credit card is acceptable. Click on “My eBay” and give them a credit card number. All listing fees and sales fees will be charged to your credit card (or bank account if you prefer).

4 eBay Registration To view items for sale on eBay, you don’t need to sign in. If you wish to bid on or purchase something, you must have an account and you must sign in. If you buy something, you should open an account with PayPal to pay for the item. Most sellers prefer PayPal. PayPal is simply a money transfer service. They are now owned by eBay.

5 PayPal Registration Log onto Select “Sign Up” and register with PayPal.

6 PayPal Registration To sign up with PayPal you will need to give them a source of funds. They prefer you give them your Bank routing number and Account number for direct debits. If you prefer, you can just give them a credit card number for all purchases.

7 PayPal Registration If you just want to buy items on eBay, a simple Personal Account is adequate. If you want to sell items on eBay, you should sign up for the Premier Account.

8 PayPal Fee Structure for Sellers ** Personal accounts may not receive payments funded by credit card, debit card or Buyer Credit for eBay or eBay Express transactions without upgrading to Premier or Business accounts.

9 Selling on eBay Learn how much your item may sell for by looking at prior listings of similar items. Click on Advanced Search to see actual sold prices of similar items.

10 Selling on eBay Enter item description Select “Completed Listings Only”

11 Selling on eBay Here is a camera similar to mine. The actual sale price is listed in green.

12 Selling on eBay eBay has excellent tutorials on listing items for sale. Click on “Sell” in the toolbar. Tutorials are found by clicking on “Getting Started”

13 Selling on eBay When you are ready to sell your item, start by clicking on Sell on the eBay home page. Select “Sell and Item” from the drop down.

14 Selling on eBay eBay will walk you through a 6 step process to list your item. It’s very simple to follow.

15 Selling on eBay Shipping costs are very important. Step 5 offers you an excellent shipping calculator. Factor this cost into your pricing.

16 How Much Does eBay Charge? eBay makes their money by charging a number of small fees. The first photo of your item is free. A larger photo in the description costs $0.35. There are many other listing options that carry a small cost.

17 How Much Does eBay Charge? eBay charges a listing fee whether or not the item sells.

18 How Much Does eBay Charge? Based on the final selling price, eBay charges a percentage of the proceeds.

19 Some Considerations Unless you are a frequent seller with a good feedback rating, you are not allowed to list a “Buy it Now” price. Your item will be subject to an auction with a reserve minimum sale price. Your are pretty safe if you only accept payments via PayPal. You may wish to offer pricing for different shipping options, i.e. Priority Mail, Federal Express, etc. Decide up front if you will ship internationally. You must indicate whether or not the item can be returned. Look at other listings to get ideas about creating a listing for your item. Start with a small item and work up as you become familiar with the process.

20 What is Craig’s List? Craig’s List is a online listing similar to the classified ads in the newspaper. You may list anything for sale and include a picture for free. This listing will be restricted to the SF Bay Area. If someone is interested, they will email or telephone you with questions. The transaction is strictly between buyer and seller. Craig’s List has no involvement. Transactions are normally made in cash. Craig’s List makes revenue by charging employers for listing help wanted ads and for rentals available in select major cities.

21 Log on to Craig’s List Website is located at

22 Selling on Craig’s List First you need to signup for an account. Simply enter your name, email address, password and an account is created for you.

23 Selling on Craig’s List Posting an item for sale is easy. Type the Title and a description. You can add pictures if you wish.

24 Selling on Craig’s List Review your posting and then submit it. It will be posted for 7 days. People can respond to the ad via an anonymous email link or telephone you if you wish to insert your telephone number.

25 Things to Consider When Selling on Craig’s List All transactions are between you and the buyer. Craig’s List offers no protection for you. The Craig’s List website has numerous warnings about scammers. Don’t accept cashier’s checks. They are often phony. The bank will deposit them but they will bounce several days later. Cash is king, but I wouldn’t recognize counterfeit money. Most sales are done without a problem. It’s only a small percentage that create problems for everyone.

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