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Voroat Kong ENG393 Section 501 Date: 6 th May, 2010.

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1 Voroat Kong ENG393 Section 501 Date: 6 th May, 2010

2 What is eBay? eBay is the world’s online marketplace where sellers and buyers cooperate and trade almost anything. Due to the high cost of education books anywhere in campuses, eBay becomes the advantage for college students to purchase books online by providing better price and qualities. Purpose & Audience: The following instructions are illustrated for college students to learn how to use and buy books on eBay in order to help reducing the cost of their education books. There are three sections in this presentation: 1) Getting Started on eBay. 2) Buying an item and 3) Pay for the item. This process requires access to a computer with secure Internet connection, PayPal, and a debit or credit card, and you must be 18.

3 1. Register as a member:  Go to eBay Home Page and click on Register.  Enter information into provided fields.  Three sections need to be completed.



6  You need to provide your credit card after completing the three sections. eBay needs this information to confirm your identity. You won’t get charged.  Check your email. eBay will send an email that you provided. Open your email and then click on “Activate Membership”  Then you are done. You are now a member of eBay!!

7 1. Find an item.  Enter key words into the search box located any top of the page.  For example, if you are looking to purchase a book, type in “Books” and then click “Search” or type in “book title” and switch the category box to “Books” and then click “Search”

8 2. Learn about the item you found.  Read the item description carefully. The descriptions are listed below the page. If you have any questions you can ask the seller by clicking “Ask a question” link at the right side of the screen.

9 3.Review the seller’s feedback.  For a better quality of your item, view the seller’s business reputation by looking at his/her Feedback Score. And read the comments from the previous buyers by clicking on “the number of stars” link. The more positive comments, the more you can trust the seller.


11 4. Bid or Buy it Now.  Check the options of purchase. You can either bid the item or purchase instantly by clicking “Buy it Now.” All bids are active until the auction ends. Once you win the bid or purchase the item instantly, you are obligated to pay for the item.

12 After winning the bid or clicking on Buy it Now button, the Pay Now button appears in the following direction:  In the listing  In the Won section of My eBay.  In the confirmation email you receive from eBay.  On the invoice email you receive from eBay on behalf of the buyer.

13 1. To pay for an item:  Click the Pay Now button  Check your shipping information, and confirm the order details, including shipping and taxes. Then, click the Continue button.  Select your payment method, and then enter your payment information.  Click the Confirm Your Payment button to complete your purchase.

14 1. Can I retract or cancel my bid?  For general rule, you cannot retract or cancel your bid. Once you agree to bid, you are obligated to pay for the item. However, honest mistakes occur. You can retract or cancel your bid for validate reasons:  You accidently entered the wrong bid amount.  The item’s descriptions changed after you entered your last bid.  You can’t reach the seller by phone or email.  Changing your mind is not a valid reason.

15 2. I won an item, but no longer want to buy it. What should I do?  A bid or commitment to purchase the product is a contract on eBay, you are obligated to pay for the item. However, if you feel that you have a legitimate reason for not buying the item, you can contact the seller and discuss your situation. Many sellers are willing to work and communicate openly with their buyers.  If the seller does not respond in the way you hope, unpaid a bid can result in an unpaid item being recorded into your account. If you get too many unpaid items recorded into your account in short period of time, your account may be restricted or suspended.

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