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Teacher Institute Day August 20, 2012 Lincoln Elementary School.

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1 Teacher Institute Day August 20, 2012 Lincoln Elementary School

2 Mission Statement “Dedicated to the education, support, and encouragement necessary for lifelong learning in our Multicultural society”

3   Organization ID – 56538m  User ID – First Initial – Last Name jsmith  Aides – Child Abuse  MES Teachers and Admin - ADHD, Food Allergies, Child Abuse, Chronic Health Conditions, Sexual Harassment, Suicide

4 Curriculum and Instruction Tab  6-8 Content Area Curriculum Maps  K-5 Writing and Math Curriculum Maps  K-8 Writing Portfolio Guidelines Narrative-Argument-Expository Rubrics Writer’s Workshop Information

5  Writing – Site Visit, Writer’s Workshop  Math – CCSS Instruction  6-8 Non ELA Teachers – CCSS Literacy Integration  K-8 Curriculum Mapping – Unwrapping Standards, Effective Instruction, and Assessments

6  Introduction to the “Next Generation Science Standards”  CCSS Reading Standards  Aligning our Instruction with English Language Learner Standards  MHS Articulation  Introduction to the Effective ELL Instructional Practices

7 Illinois State Board of Education Division of English Language Learners Audit – April 2012 MES Written Response – June 2012 MES Plan Implementation – September 1, 2012

8  Improve Language Acquisition Skills  Narrowing the Achievement Gap  Federal Title III Funding Requirements  A Transitional Bilingual Program (TBE) will be established for each language classification that has an enrollment of twenty or more students at an attendance center

9 Identification of Students Student Screening Parent and Community Participation Report Cards and Records Professional Development Standards Aligned Curriculum Transitional Bilingual Programming

10  Basic Interpersonal Skills (BICS)  Shorter time frame to learn language (1-3)  Use of physical and contextual cues, imitation, and observation  Academic Language (CALP)  Implicit and abstract, less reliant on context and interpersonal cues  Requires the development of communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing in content areas along with content knowledge, higher order thinking skills, and mastery of basic academic skills. Educational success will depend on mastery of academic language

11 1. Language learning is a developmental process and, as such, should be separated into grade levels. 2. It involves three goals: to use English for social purposes, to use English for academic purposes, and to use English socially and culturally appropriate ways 3. Some ELL’s will enter our public schools with little or no education, which will require school us to address the particular non literacy orientations students possess in order to provide effective programming.

12  1-3 three years to become conversationally fluent  4-6 years to achieve fluency in English

13  Students who have developed grade level or above grade level abilities in language arts, reading, science, social studies, and mathematics in their native language learn English more quickly than do younger learners (under the age of (eight) who have not developed literacy skills in their primary language.  Continuing to teach students content and language arts in their native language while they are learning English is a much more effective and faster means for learning English for academic purposes for students of all ages.  Literacy skills obtained in one language transfer to a second language

14  Bilingual Instruction K-1-2 (Build to PK-5)  Explicit Instruction that is strongly connected to students’ background  Systematic and explicit development of academic skills  Late Exit Model – ELL’s receive instruction in their primary language and English. Students transition from learning in their primary language a few years after they demonstrate proficiency in English

15  Our administrative team and our faculty have been developing a strategic plan to address the audit concerns and to better serve the needs of our ELL’s.


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