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Community and Family Studies HSC Enrichment Day 2013 Groups in Context: Families in Crisis.

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1 Community and Family Studies HSC Enrichment Day 2013 Groups in Context: Families in Crisis

2 Syllabus Content Students learn aboutStudents learn to identifying groups with specific needs group groups families in crisis identifying the needs of specific groups in the community needs access to services education employment financial support health housing security and safety self-esteem sense of identify classify specific needs and prioritise the significance of each to different groups researching community groups areas of study rights of the group issues of concern for the group discuss rights, responsibilities and attitudes of the group towards the wider community

3 Activity One Legal and social definition of specific groups Legal: A Crisis Payment is a one-off payment to help those who have experienced difficult or extreme circumstances. Source: Centrelink, 2013 Social: A family not in a good state of mental, physical, emotional or financial wellbeing. They may have suffered some sort of threatening event or experience.

4 Crisis/Trauma Circumstances

5 Activity Two Needs of Specific Groups in the Community SHE Has Soup Each Friday SHE HAS SEF = 9 nine needs Self-esteem Health Education Housing Access to Services Security and Safety Sense of Identity Employment Financial Support

6 NeedsDescription FINANCIAL SUPPORT Monetary and/or access to economic support HOUSING Dwelling or living arrangements SELF-ESTEEM Self-worth or personal value ACESS TO SERVICES Making use of a variety of different supports and structures SENSE OF IDENTITY Understanding of who you are EMPLOYMENT Occupation and means of financial support SECURITY AND SAFETY Support through physical, emotional and financial aspects HEALTH State of physical and mental wellbeing EDUCATION Schooling, training and courses attended Needs of Specific Groups in the Community Activity Two

7 Specific Needs of Families in Crisis Activity Three NeedsRelation to Families in Crisis Self-esteem* Divorce/Separation can affect self-esteem of the whole family * Redundancy/Retrenchment can lead to negative self-esteem and lack of confidence Health * Mental health of alcohol, drug and gambling addicts will be affected * Terminal illness will require ongoing treatment Education * If cut off from schools due to natural disasters, negative impacts * Understanding of the disability is important Housing * Basic resource will be affected in natural disasters * Temporary accommodation/emergency housing should be made available Access to Services * Various government departments and incentives may be accessed * Access to charitable services needs to be made available Security and Safety * May affect self-esteem in various circumstances * Domestic violence victims may feel trapped in their own home Sense of Identity * Individuals who are retrenchment/made redundant may feel a lack of personal self-worth * Children in a family breakdown may feel lost Employment * Will need to uphold employment as soon as natural disasters is over * Terminally ill may need to quit their job to manage their illness

8 Activity Four Issues of Concern  Lack of access of services  Lack of funding available  Basic needs are not being met  Families have to go without  Create tension within the family due to pressure  Little leisure opportunities  Conflict within the family  Welfare has to be heavily relied upon  Charitable services need to be accessed

9 Activity Four Issues of Concern and Impact on the Group’s Needs IssueImpact on Needs Damage to and loss of possessions Sense of Identity Safety and Security Financial Support Relocation of family Housing Safety and security Repairs to housing Housing Financial support Safety risks Self-esteem Health Local facilities/resources Access to services Financial support Education Danger to families Sense of identity Safety and Security Health Emergency Supplies Needed Access to services Financial support

10 R ights, responsibilities and attitudes of the group to the wider community Human rights are about recognising and respecting the inherent value and dignity of all people. Human rights standards are contained in internationally agreed human rights instruments recognised in Australian law. (The Australian Human Rights Commission, 2013). RIGHTS= What you are entitled to. They may include legal, social or ethical principles or guidelines. RESPONSIBILITIES= How you are expected to carry out or uphold the rights you are entitled to.

11 Good luck for CAFS and your other HSC exams!

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