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Stress & Health The interplay between mind, body and disease.

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1 Stress & Health The interplay between mind, body and disease

2 Stress Process by which we perceive and respond to events appraised as threats or challenges –Ongoing process –Subjective & depends on appraisals ‘Good’ events appraised as threats ‘Bad’ events appraised as challenges

3 Stress

4 Stress can lead to (associated with): – Psychological effects such as anxiety and fear – Physiological effects such as activation of ANS & impairment of immune system – Behavioral effects such as coping Appraisals key for these effects – Interpretation of event w/ respect to goals & well being

5 Stress Appraisals

6 Stressors Stressors are environmental or psychological events that can produce stress – No objective stressors – All depends on how event is appraised –Different appraisals of same event lead to different responses (stress levels)

7 Stress Appraisals

8 CNS, Endocrine System & Stress

9 Stress Appraisals Arousal level depends on appraisals

10 General Adaptation Syndrome Selye - bodies pass through three stages dealing with stress 1.) Initial alarm stage: metabolism speeds up as the body mobilizes to fight stress 2.) Resistance stage: arousal becomes more moderate but is sustained 3.) Exhaustion stage: prolonged stress leads to exhaustion of bodily resources

11 GAS

12 Sources of Stress Life Events – Catastrophes: Earthquake – Life changes: Marriage or job change – Daily hassles: Traffic jams, exams, taxes, busy Optimism-Pessimism – Impacts appraisals & stress related illness

13 Optimism & Health

14 Sources of Stress Control – Low appraised control can be stressful – Perception key (The Brain Module 22 video)

15 Stress & Heart Disease Type A v Type B –As - competitive, hard driving, impatient, angry –Bs - easygoing, relaxed Anger & hostility is core –Differ on: Life style (smoking, sleep, caffeine) Physiologically reactivity under stress Heart disease

16 CNS, Stress & Immune Function Functional & structural association between CNS & Immune System –CNS hormones impact immune organs –Immune cells have receptors for adrenaline Stress occurs in CNS –Impacts immune functioning

17 Stress & Immune System Divorce/depression/test anxiety decreases circulating antibodies –Slows macrophages and NK cells Stress increases circulating cortisol Cortisol prevents immune cell reproduction Stress impairs immune function

18 Stress & Immune System Common Cold

19 Stress & Disease AIDS –Stress speeds progression of AIDS Cancer –Stress (probably) speeds tumor growth and death

20 Promoting Health Coping –Emotion-Focused: Reduce emotional effects of stressors Escape-Avoidance: Avoid dealing with stressor –Problem-Focused: Attempts to terminate or attenuate stressor Studying –Best used in combination

21 Promoting Health Coping –Aerobic exercise reduces stress & depression Increases overall health (heart, blood pressure) Increases lifespan (~ 2 years) Quality of life better –Biofeedback & relaxation techniques (see text)

22 Promoting Health Social Support –Family ties & close interpersonal relationships Marriage Friends –Decreased risk for morbidity and mortality Risk level comparable to smoking cigarettes Need to belong

23 Promoting Health Why does social support promote health? –Life style & medical care –Positive appraisals and coping of stressors –Enhance immune function, reduce CVR –Emotional disclosure Confiding past traumas improves health –Satisfies need to belong Control for above and relationship remains

24 Promoting Health Spirituality & faith communities associated with lower mortality risk –Reduces mortality risk comparable to NOT smoking (women) and exercising

25 Promoting Health


27 Why does spirituality & faith communities promote health?

28 Reaction Paper IV: Stress Summarize how stress is linked to disease and illness. List at least 2 ways you can reduce the stress in your life PLEASE TURN THESE IN AFTER CLASS!

29 Summary: Stress and Illness Appraisals Stressors & GAS Vs Impacting on stress Stress & disease Promoting health

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