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Downloadable Audiobooks  Listen Anywhere  24/7 Access  Great Selection.

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1 Downloadable Audiobooks  Listen Anywhere  24/7 Access  Great Selection

2 You will need :  Your library card number  A computer with Internet Access  An MP3 or iPod digital player (if you want to listen to audio books away from your computer).

3 Please note: not all devices will support all NetLibrary eAudiobook file formats. Check the NetLibrary Website for a list of tested devices.

4 Three Easy Steps: 1.Create a NetLibrary Account 2.Search for a book 3.Checkout, Download and Transfer

5 Steps to create an account : First, Go to our home page at

6 From our catalog: a.Type netlibrary in the search window. b.Click on the Title of the first downloadable book.

7 c. Click on the earth icon.

8 d. You will be asked for your library card number. e. Click on “Login”. f. On the next page, in the upper right corner click on “Create a Free Account

9 Type a username and password to use the next time you want to download a book. Answer all questions. Click on Create Account.

10 Now you’re ready to Search for a book.

11 Search for a book by Browsing Or Entering specific information Author or Title

12 Use the down arrows to Select specific information.

13 One way to browse a list of all the eAudiobooks, is to search our catalog for “NetLibrary” Then, sort by year for newest titles.

14 Another way to Browse is to search for your favorite subject from the NetLibrary’s website link using eAudiobook Center To browse by subject.


16 You can now sort by date.

17 Now that you’ve found the perfect book, you’re ready to Checkout Download and Transfer.

18 Simply click on “Download”

19 On the next screen choose “Check Out & Download CD Quality”

20 You will see a screen telling you that the download will start soon.

21 When asked, Choose to Save the file to your desktop. Later, move it to your player software, then, to transfer to your player.

22 You may want to learn more about NetLibrary with these links:



25 For More Help Please Call Ouachita Parish Public Library @ 327-1490

Download ppt "Downloadable Audiobooks  Listen Anywhere  24/7 Access  Great Selection."

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