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Tutorial Flipster for Desktops

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1 Tutorial Flipster for Desktops

2 Welcome to EBSCO’s Flipster for desktop computers tutorial. Flipster is a next-generation digital magazine service where users can access their favorite magazines from a variety of publishers. Users can access through their local libraries via a web browser, and download magazines to read offline, anytime, anywhere on a custom app made specifically for the iPad or iPad mini. In this tutorial we will look at searching for magazines in Flipster as well as reading a magazine in the viewer.

3 From the Home screen, there are several browsing options available to you. Click a link in the Categories box to view magazines by category. Browse magazines using the Latest Issues or All Issues carousels using the arrows on the left and right. Click on a cover image to read the magazine in the Flipster viewer.

4 Searching for your favorite magazines is easy. Simply enter your search terms in the Find field and click Search. Search terms can be a specific magazine title or a subject of interest. In this example, we will browse for news and politics magazines by clicking the News & Politics link in the Categories box to view a result list of all related titles.

5 On The Flipster result list screen, you can sort your results by Title, Date, or Relevance, or display a randomized list of titles. Simply click the sort drop-down and select your preferred method.

6 When you have found a magazine you would like to read, click the Read This Issue link.

7 The magazine opens in a new browser window. The Flipster viewer features several options in the column on the right.

8 Click the full screen button to display the viewer in full screen mode. Enter terms in the Search field to search the issue for articles that include your keywords.

9 Hover your pointer over All Issues to view the Table of Contents for the current issue, open an available back issue of the magazine, or access the Contents Gallery. Click on a back issue to view the table of contents for the issue.

10 The Contents Gallery gives you access to the table of contents pages for all available issues of a magazine. Click Contents Gallery and then click the View button.

11 Use the left and right arrows to page through the table of contents for each issue. When you’ve found an issue you would like to read, click the Go to link in the right column to open it in the Flipster viewer.

12 Hover your pointer over Pages to view the pages of the issue. Click a page to go directly to it.

13 You can zoom in and out of the page using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons, and navigate through the issue using the page arrows. Hover your pointer over Print to view the available printing options.

14 You can adjust how the magazine appears in the viewer by hovering your pointer over Settings.

15 At any time, you can click the Help link to view the online Help system.


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