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Oliver Ames Junior Orientation

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1 Oliver Ames Junior Orientation
Class of 2016 March 2015

2 Agenda What’s Your Plan? How To Conduct a College Search SAT’s & ACT’s
Common Application Deadlines College Questionnaire

3 You Need A Plan for Life After High School
What Plan Is Right For You? Post- Secondary Training 4 Year College 2 Year College Military

4 How do you make a plan? Talk with your Guidance Counselor
Talk to your parents/guardians Check out the Guidance Website for career exploration tools Use Naviance and College Board

5 Naviance
Click ‘I need to register’

6 Complete and save one College Search
Click on ‘SuperMatch College Search’

7 College Board also offers a College Search

8 What About SATs? SAT Reasoning Test SAT Subject Tests
3 Sections Writing Critical Reading Math Next Test Dates are May 2nd and Jun 6th SAT Subject Tests One hour in length Required by the most competitive colleges Check admissions requirements for the colleges you are considering


10 What about the ACT? The ACT assesses students ability to complete college-level work The multiple-choice tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science The Writing Test is optional HOWEVER check the requirements of your college Next test dates are April 18th and June 13th. To find out more, go to


12 SAT & ACT Test Prep College Board on-line course for SAT:
Cost is $69.95 Khan Academy on-line videos and tutorials for SAT: FREE ACT on-line course: $24.95 Bridgewater State University $275.00

13 Choosing a College Things to think about:
2 year, 4 year, technical/trade school Public vs. private school Size of school Fewer than 2,000 (Regis College) 2,000-15,000 (Bentley University) More than 15,000 (UMass Amherst) Setting Rural, suburban or urban Location New England, East Coast, West Coast, etc. Cost and financial aid

14 Choosing a College Things to think about: Majors Offered
Do they offer what you are looking for? Are there specific admissions criteria for specific majors? Admissions Criteria Look at the profile (average GPA, SAT scores, specific course requirements) Housing Options Sports and Activities Specialized Options Co-ed or single sex school, fraternities/sororities, religious affiliations, disability support

15 Researching Educational Options
Naviance – SuperMatch College Search College Board – Matchmaker The school’s direct website Request materials from the college National College Fair – April 9 & 10 in Boston Technical/Trade Schools – see guidance Connect with schools via Facebook or Twitter

16 Applications Electronic Applications via the school’s website
May offer a waiver or discount for the application fee Paper copies Found on the school’s website, print out and mail Common Application Used by 415 schools across the country. One application for multiple schools


18 Decision, Decision Early Decision Early Action Regular Decision Rolling Admissions

19 College Questionnaire
Must be completed by all seniors

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