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Using Bloglines Presented by Bonnie Shucha © University of WI Law Library

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1 Using Bloglines Presented by Bonnie Shucha © University of WI Law Library

2 What is Bloglines? – Bloglines is a FREE online service that helps you subscribe to and manage lots of web information, such as news feeds, weblogs and audio. – Bloglines tracks the information you're interested in, retrieves new stuff as it happens, and organizes everything for you on your own personal web news page. – From: Bloglines FAQ

3 About Bloglines Bloglines is free Bloglines is Web-based – Nothing to download – Access from any computer with an Internet connection Can subscribe to RSS feeds and have email listservs/subscriptions delivered to Bloglines

4 Feeds are displayed in the left- frame in a directory-like listing. Folders containing unread news are bolded. Click on the + next to the folder to view feeds within it RSS Feeds

5 Blog Headlines Click on a feed in the directory to open a list of headlines OR Click on a folder name to view new entries from all feeds in that folder Click on + next to headline to view contents of post

6 Subscribing to Bloglines Go to Only requires an email address & password

7 Adding Feeds to Bloglines Several Ways to Subscribe to Feeds – Known Feed – You already have the URL – Browse Recommended Feeds – Let Bloglines suggest feeds based on your existing subscriptions

8 Adding a Known Feed Click “Add” Click “Add” at top of right frame Enter URL and click “Subscribe”

9 Choose Folder Select folder in which to add feed Use “Top Level” until you have created folders Click “Subscribe” button New feed subscription will appear in directory at left Click “Subscribe”

10 Browse Recommended Feeds After you have added a few subscriptions, Bloglines scans for other similar feeds Click “Recommendations” in “Extras” section at the bottom of the directory on the left

11 Subscribe: Click to subscribe with one click Subscribers: See how many other Bloglines users subscribe to this feed Preview: Preview what feed will look link in Bloglines Subscribe To This Feed: Check box to subscribe to multiple recommended feeds; then click “Subscribe” button at the bottom

12 Finding Feeds Look for button to get URL for the blog’s feed Copy URL, click “Add” in Bloglines and paste URL

13 Finding Feeds Keyword Search a search engine or use the search box in Bloglines at top left

14 Adding Email Subscriptions Why? – Stop the clutter - Gets high traffic listservs out of your email – One stop shopping – Read all of your current awareness / professional development news in one place --- Bloglines!

15 Adding Email Subscriptions Create an unlimited number of special Bloglines email addresses that are tied to your Bloglines account The email addresses show up as subscriptions in your directory, and email sent to those email addresses appears as new items

16 Adding Email Subscriptions Click “Add” in directory Click “Create an Email Subscription” link

17 Your existing email subscriptions are displayed at the top of the page. To create a new one, complete this form at the bottom of the page.

18 Adding Email Subscriptions Listservs – Subscribe using your new unique email address – Click on the “send email” link to send a message from this address – Subscribe following listserv directions Send Email

19 Adding Email Subscriptions Alert Services – Google News Alerts – Feedster News Alerts Feedster also has option for delivering results via RSS

20 Subscribing to Alert Services Use unique Bloglines email address as your subscription email address – To see unique email address, open the new subscription in your directory on the left

21 Clipping & Emailing Posts One advantage of news readers is that once posts are viewed, they won’t be displayed the next time you open the feed However, you can “clip” or email posts that you wish to save

22 Clip

23 Open pull down to chose folder or create new one Click “Save to”

24 Viewing Clippings Click “Clippings” tab in directory on left

25 Email

26 Enter email address Type message if desired Click “Send Email”

27 Organizing Feeds in Bloglines To create new folders or move feeds to existing folders: – Click “Edit” in directory – Then choose folder from pull down menu – Click “Submit”

28 Organizing Feeds in Bloglines To sort feeds within folders – Click “Reorder/Sort” in directory – Then choose sort order from pull down menu – Click “Submit”

29 Questions? Contact – Bonnie Shucha Reference & Electronic Services Library University of Wisconsin Law Library PowerPoint presentation available at

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