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Creating a Blog on

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1 Creating a Blog on
ECHS C. Edge

2 Address First, make sure that you have a working address that you can check immediately after registering. If you do not have one, set one up for free at:

3 Step 2 Open up your search engine for the internet.
Place your cursor in the search bar. Log into

4 Step 3 Click on the “Sign up now. It’s free!” link in the middle of the page.


6 Step 4 Enter your information to “Create an Account” Click “Register”
address Password (at least 6 characters) Time Zone (-0500 Eastern) Click “Register”


8 Step 5 Check your to verify your account.



11 Step 6 Click the link in your to verify your account.


13 Step 7 Choose the feeds you would like to subscribe to.
This brings new content to you each day rather than you having to go look for it. Then click “Subscribe to My Feeds” You do not have to subscribe at this time if you don’t want to.


15 Step 8 Type in the feed for the class blog for an additional feed to subscribe to. Click “Subscribe”


17 Step 9 It tells you that you have not set up a clip blog.
Click on the Click Here link to set this up.


19 Step 10 Click on Blog in the sidebar menu to the left.
Next, click on Blog. Finally, click on New Post. Make a note of your blogs web address in the top right-hand corner.


21 Step 11 A pop up box will appear.
You can either type your blog directly into the box (which I DO NOT recommend) or you can copy and paste from a previously typed word document. Click Publish to Blog.

22 Step 12 me a copy of your blog’s web address which is found in the upper right-hand corner of your homepage.


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