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What is RSS? Kate Pitcher © 2005-2006

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1 What is RSS? Kate Pitcher © 2005-2006

2 Objectives for today’s session… Define RSS Understand what an RSS feed is and how it works Understand how an RSS newsreader (aggregator) works Subscribe to or download an RSS newsreader Find and subscribe to RSS feeds

3 What is RSS??RSS Real Simple Syndication Rich Site Summary RSS is the format which allows websites and blogs to syndicate or distribute their content to users, by using XML code to describe the content being distributed (“information about the information”). RSS includes headlines, abstracts, summaries, analyses; anything which gives readers a quick rundown of all the latest updates from a website or blog.

4 Blog Today’s post RSS Feed Feeds into an aggregator or newsreader Subscribers Archived posts How RSS Feeds work…

5 Why XML?? Icon used to indicate RSS feeds are available XML is a logical choice for the syndication of content, since it is the general purpose programming language for representing information and metadata on the Web. RSS itself is an application which uses XML to express itself. RSS publishers use Extensible Markup Language (XML) to describe the content of their Web sites, much the way Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) lets a web page publisher determine the format in which content is displayed for a browser.

6 Example of XML code which makes up the Washington Post’s RSS feed for the highlights from their daily paper...

7 How do I read an RSS feed? Must subscribe to or download something called an RSS newsreader or sometimes called an aggregator Much like how an internet browser works to translate HTML code into viewable web pages  a newsreader “translates” the XML file into a readable format

8 Newsreaders Plug-ins (example: Pluck) Web-based (example: Bloglines) Standalone applications for your desktop (example: FeedDemon)

9 RSS Newsreaders Bloglines Bloglines FeedDemon FeedDemon NewsGator NewsGator Pluck Pluck Sage (Firefox users) Sage FeedReader FeedReader AmphetaDesk AmphetaDesk



12 How do I find RSS feeds? Look for an icon marked XML or RSSon your favorite website or blog. It usually looks something like these  Do a search in Google or another search engine for “rss feeds” or your favorite subject followed by “RSS” Use Feedster or another search engine specifically designed to find RSS feeds








20 Library-related RSS Feeds Pubmed Pubmed Library Stuff Library Stuff LISNews LISNews Library Jobs Library Jobs Research Buzz Research Buzz Resource Shelf Resource Shelf

21 RSS Advantages visitors can access multiple sites without having to go to each one subscribe to the RSS feeds of sites you like and the content comes to you use a news aggregator to read the headlines and links in one place do not need to give out your email address to web sites to receive updates will need a aggregator to read content Jardin, Xeni. “Why RSS is Everywhere.” Wired. April 2004. 19 May 2004







28 Go to Pluck’s main page to login (bottom of screen)











39 In Bloglines (, log in to your account, or Register if you are a new user.


41 In the left sidebar will be three tabs: My Feeds, My Blog, Clippings Click on My Feeds to open up the window with the Feeds you have subscribed to. In the above example, I have clicked on the RSS Feed for the Guardian Unlimited Newspaper and in the main window on the right, you can see all the recent postings, with the most recent at the top. In order to read the full post, I must click on the title of the post to go to the Guardian Unlimited blog.

42 To subscribe to an RSS Feed, I must have the URL of the XML file which is created by the blog or web site owner. In the above example, I am subscribing to the site feed created for my blog, The Book Burden. This is where users will copy and paste the site feed URL you create in Blogger – if they want to subscribe to your feed.

43 After clicking “Subscribe” you will now receive the most recent postings from this particular blog.

44 After subscribing to the blog, the RSS Feed title will show up in the My Feeds folder on the left sidebar. Click on the title to get the most recent postings from this blog.

45 Appearing in the main window will be the most recent postings from this blog. Click on the title to go to the real post in the blog.

46 Some reasons for using RSS on a website… Draws people to your website Users are notified by subscribing, not by emails to individuals or by listserv Should have a good reason  i.e. if your website or blog is not updated frequently, an RSS feed will let someone know whether or not to check your site rather than coming to it

47 Any Questions? Email Kate OR Bonnie

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