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Gender Differences. SEX VS. GENDER biology & behavior.

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1 Gender Differences


3 SEX VS. GENDER biology & behavior

4 Gender in development differences from the start… XX vs. XY girls = healthier and hardier at birth girls = more “verbal” boys = more “active”

5 Gender in development cognitive gender development… Children first understand gender, then identify with it (cute/embarrassing stories) Constancy age 3- identify, age 4- stability, age 5- constancy Stereotypes age 2- clothes, 3- toys, 4- colors, 5-behavioral traits (boys before girls, Santa study, Simpson, 1982) (Damon, 1977 quotes)

6 Gender in development psychological differences… (Maccoby & Jacklin, reviewed over 1500 studies) Girls = more verbal Boys = better spatial abilities Boys = better at arithmetic reasoning involving spatial skills Boys = show greater physical and verbal aggression

7 Gender in development also: Boys may be more active, explorative Boys may engage in more rough play Girls may be more responsive to infants Girls may be less demanding and more compliant to parents

8 Gender in development but… GROUP AVERAGES! unfounded… Girls = more social Girls = more suggestible Girls = lower self-esteem Boys = more analytic & logical Girls = less motivated

9 Gender in development Gender segregation… Dolls vs. trucks? (age 2) Same sex play age 4: three times more likely age 6-7: eleven times more likely What’s causing this?

10 nature-nurture- nature-nurture- nature-nurture- nature…


12 Adult Gender Differences and Research Cross-cultural adjective study: Williams & Best, 1990 Biochemical differences (hormones) Brain differences (size and lateralization)

13 Why are gender differences important?

14 What a man would say… Politics Power Dominance…

15 What a woman would say… Relationships Understanding…

16 Homework Watch “the Hot Chick” no, seriously Three commercials (plus, your own scouting) Psych. Today article Taking sides article Kate Bornstein’s test & website ( Extra: Yahoo news article & Parentsoup article

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