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Five Paragraph Essay Bing, Bang, Bongo = THESIS STATEMENT

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1 Five Paragraph Essay Bing, Bang, Bongo = THESIS STATEMENT
This is the MAIN IDEA of your paper! Bing = Body Paragraph One Bang = Body Paragraph Two Bongo = Body Paragraph Three Bing, Bang, Bongo = Conclusion (thesis restated)

2 INTRODUCTION Start with an attention grabber A quote A statistic
Mignon McLaughlin once said, “Winter alone reminds us of the human condition.” A statistic Interesting, fun idea At the end of this paragraph should be your THESIS statement – the main idea of your paper I like winter more than any other season because I love the beauty of the snow, I enjoy Christmas and the start of the new year, and I absolutely love to ski.

3 Body Paragraphs Each should have a topic sentence, and DETAILED supporting sentences TOPIC: I like to ski because I love the adrenaline rush, I love the views, and it’s something my brother and I do together. DETAILS: Skiing a black diamond is the most thrilling thing a person can do. There is nothing like making tracks in fresh powder to get my adrenaline going. Transitions between each At least THREE!

4 Conclusion Restate your thesis
Close with an interesting and finishing thought: Although winter is without a doubt my favorite season, I love seeing all four seasons. I am lucky I live in Montana and can experience a variety of weather patterns.

5 Essay Ideas Explain why you admire someone
Explain why parents are sometimes strict Explain why you enjoyed a particular teacher Explain why you are eager to get your driver’s license Describe the major stressors in your life Describe the non-material things that make you happy Explain the way music affects your life Explain why teens would drink, smoke, or do drugs Explain how having a baby would change a teen’s life

6 MORE Essay Ideas Explain why you would/would not want a job
Describe three ways you would change the world or the country if you could Select three objects that symbolize who you are and explain why you chose them Explain why you would like to have a certain career Explain why school uniforms would be a good/bad idea

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