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Accounting Undergraduate. Freshman and Sophomore.

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1 Accounting Undergraduate

2 Freshman and Sophomore

3 Beta Alpha Psi Types of Accounting Careers Public Accounting: “external” accountants who provides services to clients such as audit, consulting and tax planning services. Private Accounting/Corporate: Seen as the “internal” accountants who work within a company, non- profit organization or a government agency. You can work in the financial accounting, management (cost) accounting, budgeting, corporate planning, treasury or in the internal audit department within a corporation.

4 Freshman and Sophomore Understand the COBE Upper Division Application Process "Gateway" classes you must complete in order to begin taking upper division classes Meet with accounting faculty to get advise on classes and career opportunities Declare major for the proper catalog year on your Broncoweb Apply for scholarships through the accounting department

5 Junior Once you are enrolled in your first 300 level accounting class you can join Beta Alpha Psi. Network with professionals in the accounting field Search for Internships both on and off campus Accounting department mentor program with local professionals

6 150 Units Must have 150 units if you want to be a licensed CPA or have a career in public accounting Note:all states have different requirements, research requirements for state you plan to work in Don't need 150 units for most corporate and government accounting careers Make the additional units count Masters in Accountancy or Taxation, Double major, Emphasis or Minors

7 Internships-Public Accounting Interested in a career in public accounting?? Internships in public accounting take place most often in the Spring semester Note: public accounting internship is very time consuming and many students take that semester off The fall of your junior year is the time to apply for internships and interview Interviewing begins in September you must be prepared! The employers expect you to have one if not both intermediate accounting classes completed before starting.

8 Internships Corporate and Government Internships available year round to interview Look through BroncoJobs, Accounting Department, various job sites exp: Indeed...etc) Career Fairs and "Meet the Firms"

9 Things To Have Current Resume Cover Letter Unofficial Transcripts LinkedIn Profile Professional Email Address **Go to the Career Center for help**

10 Senior Apply for graduation the semester you intend to walk by the end of the first week of that same semester! Time to apply for full time positions for after you graduate Do not wait until after you graduate to start looking for jobs

11 Public Accounting Careers The time public accounting firms are interviewing and accepting applications is every fall semester beginning in late August or early September. This is typically referred as "recruiting season". Do not procrastinate...prepare early! The firms are interviewing for jobs openings the next year typically for starting in January or August. If you miss this application and interview process during the fall you typically have to wait a year to try again

12 Public Accounting Interviews 1st round interview on campus through the career center Must make an account on BroncoJobs to apply and to schedule interview times 2nd round interview typically on location Socials and Dinners with employers You are always interviewing!

13 Accounting Careers Corporate, Government, Non Profit Deadlines are not as strictly set Applications are accepted year round for various openings Look on job sites early and often

14 COBE Gateway Classes division-application-process/gateway-and-open-courses/ division-application-process/gateway-and-open-courses/ Accounting department scholarship application Acct department website BAP website BroncoJobs Career Center Bean Counter Podcast preparation preparation Helpful Links

15 Contact Us Any further questions feel free to contact **Disclaimer: This is merely the opinion of the Boise State Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. Please seeks further advisement and recommendations from other resources available to you in addition to this information provided.

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