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MSU Accounting Spring Orientation February 10, 2014 April Dennis, KPMG Stefanie Langfeldt, Moss Adams.

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1 MSU Accounting Spring Orientation February 10, 2014 April Dennis, KPMG Stefanie Langfeldt, Moss Adams

2 Agenda/Contents Leadership Programs Recruiting Timeline Fall Recruiting Tips

3 What are Summer Leadership Programs? Each of our firms hold a 1-2 day program during the summer that will provide you the opportunity to: ▫ Learn about internship opportunities in advance of the intern recruiting cycle ▫ Explore career options in public accounting through interaction with firm professionals and exposure to various practice areas (Audit, Tax & Advisory) ▫ Network with firm professionals at all levels and your peers ▫ Accelerate your career through leadership and team building exercises designed to provide you with valuable tools for success. ▫ Learn about the culture and people that comprise the firm 3

4 Who is eligible? Students interested in pursuing a career in public accounting Accounting students who will obtain 150 semester credit hours and be eligible to sit for the CPA exam* no earlier than December 2015 and no later than August 2016 *If you are an MIS major, you do not have to be CPA eligible. 4

5 How do I apply? Visit MyCatCareers to view each firm’s posted summer leadership program opportunity Submit resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcripts to each posting Most firms also require a separate application via their website Application Due Date is: Friday, February 28, 2014 5

6 What happens next? Each firm will review applications and contact students regarding an interview decision Following the interview, you will be notified of your status for the program(s) and/or next steps 6

7 Program Details KPMG hip National: July 16 - 18 Local: Varies by office location Moss Adams Regional: July 9 - 11 Local: Varies by office location 7

8 Fall Recruiting Timeline When does recruiting for Accounting internships and full-time positions occur? Firms will be on campus in mid-September 2014 recruiting for 2015 full-time hires, as well as Winter and Summer internships.

9 Eligibility Full-time o Graduating and CPA eligible between December 2014 and August 2015. Internships - Winter or Summer 2014 o Graduating and CPA eligible between December 2015 and August 2016. Please do not apply if you are too early or too late in the process. Recruiting Timeline

10 Internship Recruiting 90 – 120 Credits Fall S emester Spring Semester Winter or Summer Internship 120 – 150 Credits Full-time Start Date Summer Full-time Recruiting Fall Semester Spring Semester (60-90 MIS students) (90-120 MIS students) NOTE: MIS students (Advisory Candidates) would simply need to meet the graduation requirements.

11 Key Dates 8/25 Classes begin 9/19 Application Deadline Date Weeks of 9/22 and 9/29 – Campus Interviews Office visits vary by location – usually late October through mid-November - What should you expect with office visits? Recruiting Timeline

12 Special Circumstances KPMGApril Moss AdamsStefanie If you are planning to study abroad fall semester, please contact one of your recruiters as soon as possible. Recruiting Timeline

13 Fall Recruiting Tips Start Now – Get Involved, Prepare your Look, & Research the Firms Understand the Application Process & Get Ready!

14 Start Now 1) Get involved o Beta Alpha Psi or other student clubs o Volunteer activities o Leadership opportunities 2) Prepare your Look o Purchase the basics now o Be aware of cologne, perfume, jewelry 3) Research the Firms o Biggest decision…Line of Service and location o Identify values and traits of each firm that resonate with you o Use your network

15 Make sure you are familiar with: Linda Ward, Assistant Director of the Bracken Center for Excellence MSU Career Services Register with MyCatCareers through MSU Career Services USE THESE RESOURCES! How to Prepare for Recruiting Understand the application process & get ready!

16 How to Prepare for Recruiting Get your materials prepared… 1) Cover Letter Easy-to-read Format One page Same font throughout Explain reasons you’re interested in the job and why we should be interested in you INCLUDE: interest in Tax or Audit, location preference 2) Resume Contact information at the top Education – include date you will be CPA eligible and GPA Work Experience, Leadership Positions, Extracurricular Activities, Honors, etc PROOF READ!!!

17 How to Prepare for Recruiting Application Process 1)Job descriptions will be posted to Griz e-Recruiting in August 2)Submit ALL of the following: a)Cover Letter b)Resume c)Unofficial Transcripts 3)Make sure to apply to BOTH MyCatCareers and the firms’ websites by Friday, September 19th, 2014

18 GOOD LUCK! We’ll see you in the Fall!

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