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Go to our website, and click on the eMedia Catalog link To find books, either click on the advanced search (which I will.

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2 Go to our website, and click on the eMedia Catalog link To find books, either click on the advanced search (which I will show here or to the left there are categories you can explore by subject or format. How to Download an e-book or e-audio Book from the Library

3 For most e-readers the compatible formats include EPUB and Adobe PDF ebook. You will need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer unless you have an IPod Touch, IPad, or an Android phone (i.e. a device that allows apps). Some e-readers also accept audio files and in general only allow MP3 files (the Nook does). The software you need is here. Here you can see that I am searching for EPUB books in English (eliminates language learning books or books in other languages), and only for those that are available for checkout.

4 This is the result of my search and you can see that next to each title it says available copies 1 and there is a link that says add to eMedia Bag On this page you can that it says Available copies 0 and there is no link to add it your eMedia bag but rather Request Title instead. This means that the book is checked out and you can request it and be notified when it is available.

5 Click on the add to eMedia bag (the wish list is a feature that you can use to keep track of titles you would like to read in the future). Click on Proceed to Checkout (keep in mind that if you choose Continue browsing that it only leaves items in your cart for a few minutes before returning it to the catalog Choose our Library District and log in with you library card number and the zip code listed on your card.

6 Our system automatically defaults to 7 days, if you would like more time, change it here. Once it’s chosen you cannot go back nor can a book be renewed, only re-checked out. After you check out your book you will receive the link to download your book. If you haven’t already downloaded Adobe Digital Edition you must do so before you download your book. Keep in mind that to download audio books you must download Overdrive Media Console. At each checkout there will be a link to download any software that is needed. If you are checking out Audio Books please skip to step 10

7 Choose Open, your book will be automatically open your Adobe Digital Editions and begin downloading your book. All titles automatically get added to your library and you can see that each book has an expiration date since they are library books. Once your book expires you will not be able to read it anymore even if you are not connected to your computer. Notice the exp. date Notice your library views Your first time it will prompt you to create a free Adobe account

8 Now to transfer your book to your e- reader it must be completely turned on and you should see a similar message to this on your e-reader. If it is not completely connected then it will not be recognized in your Adobe Digital Editions. You can see here that the Nook is now on the bottom and all I need to do to transfer to click on the title and continue holding the button down so the icon drags (Drag & Drop) across the page until its hovering over the Nook and you see the green plus sign. Then you let go of the button and it will begin the transfer to your device.

9 Here you can see that the book is being copied to the Nook. These are the books on my nook that I have checked out from the library If you click on your Nook then you can see all the books you have checked out and how much longer you have to read each one.

10 The only way to get library titles off of your device is to connect to computer and click on the arrow above each title, this gives you options where you can delete a title (if expired) or return an item early (this is the only place where you can actually return an item early).


12 After you hit the download button it will automatically open Overdrive Media Console and you will have to confirm that you want to open the file and then download the file from the website which it will do in multiple parts depending on how long the book is. Download & transfer a e-audio book

13 So after the item is finished downloading you will click on the item so that it is highlighted and make sure your device is plugged in and click on the transfer button. Click the next button and it will search for you device, if it finds it then you will get the next window with your device listed as the Player. Click next and the downloading will begin Transferring e-audio book

14 It will tell you when your book is done transferring and once you see this window telling its safe to disconnect you have finished downloading and may now enjoy your book!!


16 Freegal is a free music download service offered through the library’s website and can be accessed through the main page. Once you click on the link you must log in with your library card and pin number. Downloading Music from Freegal private

17 The first time you log on you will have to accept the user agreement. From there you can select a song to download, you get 3 song downloads a week per library card. You can search by genre, or by the name of the artist or look through the featured or newly added categories Once you make your choice, click the download link (there are no take backs!).

18 You can save the file to your desktop or wherever, these songs can be dragged and dropped into iTunes or a device like we are showing here. To put the music on your e-reader you will have to open the “My Computer” and then double click on the icon for you device (like our Nook listed above)

19 The nook has folders already set up for certain files like music. From here just click on the music file shown, saved on the desk top, and holding down the button, drag the file into the open music file on the Nook or into ITunes or your Windows Media Player. Once you see the little plus sign you can release the button and your file will be copied to your device.

Download ppt "Go to our website, and click on the eMedia Catalog link To find books, either click on the advanced search (which I will."

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